It is now Day 3 and last night was my 2nd night of staying up all night with the few naps in between. I am extremely sleepy at the moment and cannot think straight, so if you see typos, then please ignore them. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything, in particular, this article. I’m currently blasting Breaking Benjamin and rocking back and forth so that I can stay awake as long as possible. Some things that are happening to me physically because of the initiation phase:

  • Blurry vision
  • Constantly tired (especially in between the 6 am and 10 am slot(
  • The naps haven’t’ been a godsend like I thought they’d be.
  • Can hardly keep eyes open and concentrate
  • I’ve gained 2 lbs for some reason
  • I’ve been able to fall asleep within 5 minutes so I can set my alarm for 25 minutes when I lay down for naps
  • My body still aches
  • No dreams yet

Time to go do some dishes to stay awake before 10 am.

(20 minutes later)

Doing the dishes definitely helped to waken me up much more. So what I’m taking from this is that I’ll need to do something that requires me to focus, use my hands, and takes a little bit of time. This will help to give me a little more energy. The hardest part will probably just getting off my bum and doing that thing. I can’t describe how difficult this is to even write this out.

Steve Pavlina

Like I mentioned in the Intro log to this Polyphasic experiment, Tim Ferris and his book, The 4-Hour Body, is what turned me on to this idea of the Uberman sleep schedule. But in the book, Tim also points to a couple blogs where people are experimenting with polyphasic sleep. Steve Pavlina’s blog was one of those (

This guy tried polyphasic sleep way back in 2005 and was quite successful. He logged his progress throughout most of the time and you can find some very helpful information there. This is where I got the idea to log all of my progress here. This way you can see from another person standpoint. And hopefully I can prove that the Uberman is possible for those who really want a different lifestyle. So go check out Steve’s blog and let me know what you think.

2 am Nap

This nap was pretty good. I didn’t have any issues being too tired after sleeping for 20 minutes. What’s funny is that I have been laughing uncontrollably when I lay down to sleep. I think about how crazy this experiment is and what could be possible if it works and I begin laughing. And I can’t stop for the life of me unless I crack down and tell myself how important it is to sleep in the next 3 minutes. Then it pretty much works. But I feel like I’m going a little nuts.

6 am Nap

This nap sucked. I didn’t feel any rest from it. When I got up, my wife was awake and my daughters were just waking up. But this is the absolute worst time of the day for me during this transition. So I decided to follow one of Steven Pavlina’s suggestions and throw in an extra nap during the most difficult chunk of time. For him, it was the 1 am to 5 am time, and for me it’s from 6 am to 10 am. This is the only time of the day that I would seriously think about quitting the Uberman just so I can feel okay again. If 10 was how I felt normally on my monophasic schedule, then I feel like a 1 during this time.

8 am Nap

This was my little “cheat” nap that I made sure I took. Let’s just say it didn’t help like I thought it would. Bummer.

10 am Nap

This nap felt like it expanded a little longer than the other naps, but as for the amount of tiredness, it’s the same. I feel like I‘ve slept, but no long enough to restore me. But I guess that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m sleeping just enough to not fall into REM sleep. In this way, my brain will become so exhausted it will train my body to fall into REM sleep right away, thus allowing me to only sleep 2 hours per day in 20 minute intervals.

I’m still skeptical as to the polysphasic sleeping schedule working for me. But I’m crossing my fingers and fighting this sleepiness.

2 pm Nap

These naps are beginning to become similar. Asleep in less than 5 minutes and feel groggy getting up. I’m also feeling really sore in my body, specifically my lower back. I was listening to an inventor on a business podcast today at work and he mentioned that monophasic sleep is the best type of sleep for humans because of the patterns you go through at night. As many polyphasic supporters say that you only need REM sleep to function, they are correct, but not entirely. REM sleep helps your brain to recharge and get rest, but what is called deep sleep is what helps your body to rest and recuperate. I’ve noticed this effect so far in my trial period (albeit that’s its only been 3 days). But I’ve been waking up really sore in my back and my throat hurts at times. I’m not sure if this will go away as I assimilate into this new schedule, but as of right now, it’s beating up my body pretty good.

I also noticed that I’ve gained 2 pounds in one night. That’s not normal for me. IF I can sleep 9-10 hours in the night, I’ll actually lose weight, whereas I’m gaining weight during this schedule (so far). Maybe the amount of time that I gain will allow me to run or something that allows me to burn calories. We’ll have to continue to wait and see the outcome regarding the body.

6 pm Nap

This nap was alright. Didn’t get me as groggy as other naps. And it was the first nap I have taken at work. I just hopped on a couch, turned off the lights, and zonked out for 20 minutes. I’m about to do it again for my 10 pm nap.

Another thing to mention about this nap was that, for the first time, I ate right before the nap. I ate a bunch of ground beef, salsa, and beans. But it didn’t affect my nap in a negative way at all. I fell asleep just as fast as other times and woke up fine.

10 pm Nap

This sleep went really well. From my observations thus far, I feel as though I’m more energetic and rested throughout the evening and night than in the morning and day. That’s not cool. Not for my family anyways.

Til next time.

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