I must be brutally honest: I am loathing this transition period. I feel as though my body cannot take any more of my abuse to it. I can hardly stay awake and I’m sore all over. My back is killing me. So these days better shorten before I go insane.

It is the 4th day here and I’m feeling horrible. I just want to sleep forever. And by forever, I mean, literally forever. My head is fuzzy and dizzy while my body is weak and feeble. My whole lower back is on fire and I can only soothe it for a few seconds by moving around.

2 am Nap

I was extremely tired before I hit my head to the pillow for this nap. But when I did, I fell asleep in 4 minutes. When I awoke, I felt as though I was asleep for hours, except for the fact of being intensely exhausted and groggy. For some reason, my mind felt like I spent hours asleep, but my body thought otherwise. So I must be entering a deeper sleep sooner, which is a good sign; still no dreams though. So still no REM sleep. Which is probably why I’m this tired.

A word of advice for anybody trying this: try to find a room or couch or bed that’s away from everybody else. It’s a lot easier to fall asleep and be left alone if you are not near anybody else. I’d also suggest not using your own bed to sleep in. This will keep you from easily oversleeping. Your bed might be the one reason to make you oversleep. Don’t do it.

I’m really not looking forward to the 6 am nap. This is when I become even more tired and have to fight everything in me to stay awake. I wake up even more groggy and fuzzy and can’t seem to focus. Maybe I’ll force myself to get out of the house and do something.

6 am Nap

Aye Aye Aye. The nap from hell. OR should I say, the nap I wish I didn’t ever have to wake up from? I woke up from this nap quite groggy as usual and almost fell right back to sleep. I had to force myself up. I sweat, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I’m fighting every urge in my body to not sleep. I am nuts! Who on earth would do something like this!?

Like I said before, I feel as though I’m starting to go into a much deeper sleep each time. I wake up thinking that I’ve overslept, but really it’s only been 20-30 minutes. It’s a pretty surreal feeling. But still no dreams. I’m hoping the dreaming will start in the next few days. I really want to know if I’m going to be hitting REM sleep soon. That would help a lot!

8 am Nap

Yes, I had to throw another nap in-between these two. It feels great to lie downa and sleep, but again, I don’t wanna get up and I become much more groggy./

10 am Nap

This was a typical nap like the rest. I definitely woke up groggy. But what was interesting was that I was REALLY tired, until I ate a bowl of ice-cream. That perked me up tremendously and I had the energy to keep going. So I don’t know if it’s the sugar that got me going or the calories. I’m going to try to ramp up my calorie intake to see if that makes a difference.

2 pm Nap

A little better nap than the others. Nothing special though. Just waiting until the day I feel completely refreshed by these naps. Can’t wait!

6 pm Nap

At work I crawled up on a small couch and slept really well. Not that it gave me tons of energy, but very slightly, these naps seem to be helping unlike they used to. I think I had a small dream during this nap as well, which would be HUGE. At this point I would be so encouraged by having a dream or two. It would give me the extra push I need to keep going (not that I’ll ever quit). So I’m expecting to start dreaming in the next few days.

I should log this event as well: I ate a large, protein-filled dinner a half hour before my nap. This could have been what helped me to dream, but I’m not entirely sure. Protein’s always good in helping you to sleep much better. How it affects polyphasic sleeping, not sure. But I just wanted to log that in so I could come back later and continue testing my diet with when I sleep and when I eat and how each is related.

10 pm Nap

I’m not sure why, but this nap took me about 20 minutes until I actually fell asleep. And I feel pretty good after this nap compared to prior ones. I slept in the school’s library where they have a few couches to lay upon. I don’t remember dreaming at all, but I do feel as though it was a decent nap.

If you’re going to try and do some type of polyphasic sleep, make sure you’re okay with people thinking you’re weird. I have a couple other employees where I work that think I’m crazy and definitely take the opportunity to makes jabs at me for what I’m doing. But I’m okay with it because I know it will lead to greater performance from me. So if you’re thinking about doing this, make sure you’re okay with any type of being made fun of.


You must know why you’re doing this. Is it for you? Is it to become more productive? Is it out of curiosity? Is it to do something different for a little while? Is it for your family? If you don’t know why you’ve chosen to undertake this, then you’ll be one of the 98% of people who’ve tried this and failed. To keep persisting you will a goal to look forward to. For me it’s many things. So I can’t wait until this part of the process is over and I’m experiencing better rest, especially during the days.

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