I really can’t believe I’ve made it thus far. I mean, I can believe it because I don’t really give up on things, but I don’t believe it after I have experienced how horrible this transition period is. And it truly is horrible. Some people can handle being tired and are okay with it. I used to be that way. Not anymore. I really enjoy sleep, so I’ve become one of those folks that just want to spend the day in bed, even if I’m not tired. I love the warmth of the bed, the soft pillows, and being able to stretch out and not worry about “real life”. So this is a really difficult assignment for me. But I will continue it until I get what I want.

What do I want? That’s a good question. Here’s my situation:

  • I have $90,000 worth of school debt.
  • My vocation is that of being a janitor.
  • I live in a city that I don’t really like.
  • I don’t see my family as much as I’d like.

After reading this you may well guess as to my goals for switching my sleep schedule. By going to a polyphasic sleeping method, I will gain more time to work on things that would generate more income for me, whether that’s starting up a small business or learning new skills to gain me a better job. I definitely desire to spend more time with my family, get out of this ridiculous debt, live in a different state, and even get a better job. The perfect job for me would be to work for myself. I feel as though I’m an entrepreneur at heart.

So we’ll see what I can accomplish through changing up my routine. Now on to the naps and what my body is telling me through all of this.

2 am Nap

I’ve noticed my back is feeling a lot better since my last nap. I can twist certain ways and feel pressure and pain, but most of the soreness is gone. And I have no doubt that the rest of the pain will go away in the coming days.

This nap felt really nice to take, but it didn’t help to keep me from being sleepy. I feel just as tired as usual, if not more. I might as well sneak in a nap in between these main naps.

I was reading Pavlina’s entries, and he wrote down that it might help people out if they can put in a nap here or there (always around 90 minutes from your last nap) to keep yourself going. You’re still not allowing for your body to enter REM sleep, but you are getting a little more rest to help you make it through the days. I think I’m going to try this a little more and see what happens. I hope it doesn’t take me longer to assimilate because of this, but I can’t keep my head up and eyes open right now. I’ll have to try this method to see if it helps.

4 am Nap

It’s almost as if my body rejects any sleep right now. It doesn’t matter if I sleep another hour per day. What’s happening is that my body isn’t getting to reach REM sleep yet, so I’m not feeling rested…at all.

Okay, it’ s 5 am in the morning and I still have an hour to go before my next nap. As of right now I’m feeling okay. But it’s still extremely difficult to feel normal. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being as normal as I felt when I was sleeping monophasically, I feel like a 3 or 4. It’s really horrible how this whole method is going. I’m not enjoying it as much as I thought I would be.

Should I try something a little different? Maybe not go all out and do the Uberman? Maybe I could try switching to one of the Everyman schedules to see how they feel? I’ll take today to think about it. Maybe I’ll try to decide in a couple days. Because I really feel at times it’s getting a lot better, but then at other times (like now) that I feel like it’s only getting worse upon my body.

If I continue to gain weight and to become sore all over again, then I will definitely consider a different route. I’m really curious about this method, but as we’ve discussed, and what other people have said about this, is that most people are not created to be able to handle such a schedule. So I’ll definitely be considering the Everyman method instead if this keeps up for the next few days; if nothing gets better. I think that would make me much happier (my wife too!).

6 am Nap

So waking up from this nap proved that I need to do something different. My family is suffering for the very fact that I am a zombie. I can’t concentrate, have the energy to play, or even focus on them without almost nodding off a bit. If I knew this would only last a couple more days I’d stick with it, but as of now, I’m not sure when my body will get accustomed to this. So I’m going to switch things up a bit.

I plan on switching to the Everyman, which I wrote about in an earlier post. The Everyman that I’m going to begin with is the 3 hour core and 3 naps during the day. I’m not sure the times yet, but I’ll figure that out tonight. This will still give me enough time in the day to do things, but allow me to obtain a longer nap in there somewhere. I’ll keep you posted as to that process as well.

8 am Nap

This one made everything worse.

10 am Nap

I now understand why they say that 2% of people who actually attempt the Uberman make is through their first week. I really have to eat some humble pie and swallo2 my pride to say that I just couldn’t do it. Whether it was because of my family, full-time job, or just my body’s lack of conditioning to it, I must say that it’s tough. And those who do actually succeed I tip my hat off to. That’s impressive.

I’m hoping I can do really well on the Everyman. I’ll let you know.

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