As you may have read already, I’m not going anywhere other than this Uberman schedule. I’ve dug my heals in and it really feels like it’s do-or-die right now. Either I can give up entirely and get my 8 hours of sleep at night and no naps during the day (which would be going back to monophasic sleep) or I have to really struggle for a couple weeks to transition my mind and body to the Uberman polyphasic sleep schedule.

If this is your first reading of any of my logs, then you may want to check out the other sleep logs to understand where I’m coming from and what I’ve been doing in the last week. It’s been an extremely tough struggle. And I recently went into a trial period that put me back on this schedule. So I’m really hoping that I can accustom my mind and body to handle only 2 hours of sleep per day. I’m so scared.

But if this all pans out and works, then I’ll be on the other end of the pendulum jumping up and down and wishing I’d have tried it sooner. I will be extremely happy and have the time I need to spend with my family while at the same time being able to do what I want to do to shoot my career further ahead. My dream is to work for myself and pay off all of our debt. We’ll see what happens.

If you’re interested in following along on this journey with me, it’d be great to hear a comment or two letting me know what you think or what you plan on doing. I’d love to see other people challenge themselves to do something out of the ordinary to create success and happiness in their lives. So let me get started and let you know where I’m at on Day 7. And let me remind you that it’s been 7 days doing this, but not exactly to the T. I had a relapse yesterday, which made everything worse, but today is just another start in the process of getting there. I just need to focus and plan ahead to make this work. I’m not a quitter. So here’s what I plan on doing thus far to make it past those really tough times.

My Plan

I’m hoping to change up my diet a little. I’m still going to stay off of dairy and fruit so that I can stay as close to the Slow-Carb Diet as possible, but I think I really need to start eating carbohydrates during the day and night to give me a little quick energy to keep me going. In the morning I’m going to begin the day with either eggs or oatmeal. For lunch and supper it will be beans, meat, and veggies (with maybe a little bit of rice or noodles). At night I’d like to create a boost of energy when I need it most and give myself a little bit of all-natural peanut butter, popcorn (just something to chew on), meatballs, healthy chips, or other things that I find that produces in me fast energy.


Because I haven’t needed to do any type of exercise to lose the 16 pounds that I’ve lost in the last 6 weeks, I haven’t done any. But what I think I need to get past that 6:20 am grogginess is a walk or run right when I get up. I usually have no motivation to do anything, so I sit around and almost fall asleep all of the time. This has been the worst time of day for me. If I can get my big butt off of the couch and outside, then maybe I’ll get the energy that I need to make it through the next nap.


I really need to realize why I’m doing all of this. That has to be in the front of my thinking at all times. It’s funny how your mindset can change so much after you haven’t had much REM sleep. This is why I first thought I needed to do the Everyman. It was basically because I wasn’t thinking straight. My tiredness took over and I became lazy in my thinking. I can’t let that happen again. I’ve seen the result.

2 am Nap

So I just took my first nap in over 12 hours. I wasn’t able to fall asleep for the 6 pm nap or the 10 pm nap because I slept so much earlier in the day. I was definitely tired, but my mind wouldn’t let me sleep. So here I am beginning this journey again and I’ve just taken a 20-minute nap.

The nap was alright. After it, I felt pretty tired. It never seems long enough.

6 am Nap

This was a really good nap. Yeah, I was really tired and didn’t want to get up, but I’m starting to just deal with the tiredness and face the fact that it might be this way for a long long time. I just need to focus on other things. But I do feel alright. I think I even dreamed. That’s a really good sign. Maybe I’m starting to enter REM faster.

You see, when you sleep monophasically, you first enter deep sleep, which helps your body. Then after 90 minutes or so, you enter REM sleep for a little bit (which helps your mind), and throughout the night you go through these cycles.

But what polyphasic sleep tries to do, as I’ve mentioned before, is to train your mind to enter REM sleep right away so you can collectively get 2 hours of REM sleep throughout the day. So that’s why it’s good that I might be starting to dream. Dreaming is a definite sign of REM sleep. 

10 am Nap

This sadly was a much worse nap. I was struggling to stay awake after it. I also overslept about 10 minutes which could be the reason it turned out negatively. 

2 pm Nap

Solid nap. Fell asleep pretty quickly. 

6 pm Nap

Another good nap. Still felt groggy after I awoke, but after an hour or two I had so much energy. What a rush!

10 pm Nap

Another respectable nap.

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