I have one question for you. How far are you willing to go to become successful? And maybe not even successful, but happy. How much are you willing to suffer now so that you can be happy later? For me, to enter a state of happiness is to get rid of my $90K in school loans. This won’t make me completely joyful and satisfied, but it will give me the freedom from the slavery that debt is and allow me to provide for my family more than just a one bedroom apartment and a tight food budget. I want them to have dignity. So…if I had to answer that question, I would answer, “I would go so far as to focus all of my energy and strength to find more time in the day to become productive and still have time for my family.”

And I believe I’m doing this by undertaking the Uberman polyphasic sleep schedule. It’s one of the toughest things I’ve ever undertaken. But it’s for my freedom and my family’s good. I just need to remember that when I’m in the trenches and struggling to focus.

What would you do?

Date Day

So it’s Saturday and my beautiful wife and I are going to be going on a date. The grandparents have taken our daughters and we’ll be going to lunch at a local pizza joint. My wife’s needs to eat gluten-free products and this place has gluten-free pizza for her. So that’s the plan. Then we’ll go see a movie, probably Hop, and then quickly come home so I can get a nap in. Then we’ll just hang out and go get the girls when the day’s over. It’ll be a great time. I can’t wait.

2 am Nap

Ummm….I don’t know what to say. I overslept. There, I said it.

I didn’t just oversleep a couple minutes, I overslept until 4:30 am. Tim Ferris, in his book The 4-Hour Body warns against this. And I see why now. It messes up your mind and body’s schedule in such a way that you can’t recover easily from this. You’d think that if you overslept, it would feel great and you would just give it a go the next time around. Actually, it’s like the other day’s experience to me. I feel like I’ve gotten hit by a truck. My body isn’t used to this. I keep telling it to do so many different things, then I mess with it. I have got to stick to this schedule and be perfect at it for over a week or two.

But yes, now that I messed up today and overslept, my body knows it. And for the next 24 hours I will be completely exhausted and have no energy to do anything, let alone exercise. This totally bums be out. Most people will quit as soon as they have overslept. The do this because it seems too difficult to keep going in the face of this grogginess and lack of energy. I can see why. I really want to quit right now. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to fall asleep more in my entire life. And read to what the leader of the Uberman sleeping schedule, PureDoxyK, says about what I just did:

“You can probably guess this tip, but here it is anyway--DO NOT, under ANY conceivable circumstances, OVERSLEEP. Oversleeping on this schedule in the beginning (you won't oversleep after the beginning, even if you try) is devastating; you'll be exhausted for at least a day. So. Make DAMN SURE to wake up after 20 minutes, and don't skip any naps. Skipping a nap, no matter how long you've been doing this schedule for, will make you tired until you get the next two naps in normally.”

If there’s a take away from this little experience, let it be these things:

  • Don’t let your bed and blankets be too comfortable
  • Don’t’ keep your alarm clock too close to you
  • Don’t do things that you know would lead to oversleeping
  • If you do oversleep, buckle up and spend the next 24 hours feeling extremely exhausted, but don’t give up

6 am Nap

Didn’t want to wake up from this one. I made sure the room was at a temperature of around 60 degrees and myself less comfortable. Ah well, after breakfast I felt pretty good. 

10 am Nap

Oh boy! I almost overslept again. I turned my alarm off, then laid down for a second and dozed off for 10 minutes. I swear this is like walking on a razor. It’s so difficult to train the body to do this; especially if you mess up a couple times. My mind’s probably cussing at me right now.

But I’m up and wide awake now. Thanks for putting up with me through all of this. It’d be great to hear your comments below.

2 pm Nap

Whew! Pretty good nap! Like the schedule suggests, I’ve been sleeping 20-30 minutes naps and it feels like I’ve been gone for hours after I wake up. Not necessarily physically feeling like I slept that long, but I thinking that I slept for hours. It must be a really deep sleep or something.

6 pm Nap

This was another deep sleeper. I woke up thinking that I had over slept again, but I didn’t. So that’s good. No dreams though. Still waiting on those lucid dreams. I’ll discuss lucid dreams in the next sleep log, so stay tuned. J

I just drank a Mountain Dew Amp energy drink. I feel amazing! I love those things. But besides that, we’ll see how the caffeine affects my next nap. People say that caffeine affects REM sleep horribly. I sure hope not. I’ve really been experimenting on the negative side of things lately. 

10 pm Nap

Before I tell you that I couldn’t sleep (and didn’t), let me explain what I ate:

  • Mountain Dew Amp energy drink (160 mg caffeine) - 3 hours before my nap
  • Philly Cheese steak and onion rings – 30 minutes before nap

So my conclusion isn’t exactly that the caffeine is what kept me up. I really believe that the sandwich was the culprit. It’s what made me extremely full and uncomfortable. To test this out, I’m going to drink another Amp and see what happens at my 2 am Nap.

See Uberman Sleep Log – Day 9 for the exact details as to what happens.

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