Basically, lucid dreams are dreams when one is completely aware that they are sleeping. It’s a weird affect of the brain, but a lot of people experience lucid dreams throughout their lifetime, especially those who are on the Uberman schedule.

People have said that, when you become assimilated to this sleep schedule, your dreams become much more vivid and you actually dream lucidly at times. I can’t wait! I’ve never experienced a lucid dream before, but from what I hear, people say that you can actually control your dreams in this stage. I know of people testing out levitation, flying, and even mind control in their lucid dreams. Haha! That’s just crazy.

So that’s one of the many things that I’m excited to experience with this whole polyphasic sleeping method.

Uberman!!! Time with his family, time to become even more productive, and time to fly around in your 20-minute dreams! Lol! What fun.

2 am Nap

This turned into me oversleeping. This is ridiculous. I can’t seem to remember anything of me turning off my alarm and going back to bed. So I end up oversleeping about 2 hours. Not good.

I did happen to find out that it was the caffeine that kept me up. My throat hurts and it took me more than 20 minutes for me to fall asleep. So stay away from caffeine if you can. I’m paying for it now.

Geez! I’m so frustrated with myself. I can’t seem to get ahead. I can follow a great routine, but one nap will ruin the rest of what I had accomplished. Now my body and mind a re so tired, and I can’t help them one bit.

To stay awake I put in my headphones and cranked up some Breaking Benjamin. Woohoo!

6 am Nap

This nap was decent. I fell asleep right away, but definitely noticed that the oversleeping from earlier has affected me quite negatively. You’d think that oversleeping would, but it does the complete opposite. I wish it weren’t so, but you really cannot take the chance of oversleeping. It ruins your whole day and I feel mine has already been ruined. Bummer.

10 am Np

I overslept 5 minutes due to the fact that my alarm clock sucks. That’s probably why I haven’t been suddenly woken up by a loud ringing in my ear. I went to the store yesterday and bought a digital time that counts down from anything I put into it. I though this would be better than my phone for 2 reasons: 

  1. If I use my phone, I might get a phone call that’ll wake me up prematurely.
  2. The digital timer allows me to simply put in 30 minutes and not worry about adding and subtracting times. Much faster.

After this nap I’m still really exhausted. I guess I plan on being this exhausted for awhile. Especially if I keep oversleeping like I have been. I’ll be switching back to using my phone as an alarm clock again and we’ll see what comes of it. I’ll also make it a priority to nap at 10 pm so that I won’t oversleep at 2 am. 2 am is that time that I keep oversleeping.

I also think that I dreamed a little in this nap. That makes me smile. What makes me not smile is that I have to miss church today because I just can’t get the energy to get up and go out (even though the church is only 25 steps from my back door).

What I Miss

You don’t really realize how much you’re missing until those privileges and benefits are gone. And there are a couple things about monophasic sleep that I definitely miss. Here are a couple:

  • I miss being able to go to bed when I feel the slightest tired.
  • I miss having full control over when and where I slept.
  • I miss being able to oversleep!
  • I miss not really having a schedule for my sleep.
  • I miss being able to take a real nap in the middle of the day if I wanted to.
  • I miss having my wife next to me at night.
  • I miss waking up in the middle of the night and then being able to go back to bed.

So next time you go to bed at night (or in the day for that matter) remember that you are quite privileged in the amount of control you have over your sleep. It’s a wonderful thing that I will cherish even more the next time I’m sleeping monophasically. But as of right now, I’m on a mission. ;)

2 am Nap

After being asleep for only 6 minutes I had a dream that I woke up from. I felt rested, but knew I needed a little more sleep to function better, later. So I went into REM sleep right away, which is quite exciting. Now I just need to do that every time. I really can’t wait until I’m fully assimilated. It’s going to be fun with these vivid dreams and being rested after every nap.

6 pm Nap 

I’m feeling surprisingly well after this nap. On a scaled from 1 to 10, I’m about a 7. This is such a good sign and much encouragement to me; especially after the many mess-ups I’ve had along the way. Let that go to show you that you can do this, even if it’s not a perfect transition period. Of course, you will be tired, but even if you oversleep a day or two, even if you want to give up, even if you seem not to be adjusting well, keep at it; there’s always hope.

But what am I saying? I’ll probably be complaining again tomorrow because of the lack of sleep. We’ll see how tonight goes. 

10 pm Nap

Waking up from this nap was not as hard as the naps have bee in the past. But I am really tired. Til next time…

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