Within a few months from now, Ugandans will vote their president. Unlike a few years back, this time, the race is expected to be very tough. The winner wills obvious need some influencing factors which every candidate would like to be in their favor. Below are some of the factors that can make nay one a winner or loser in the coming elections.

The church

Many people are ready to follow what their pastors or church leaders tell them to do, in the recent years we have seen the Pentecostal churches move toward the ruling government and the Catholic and Anglican church moving toward the opposition. This is bad news to the government since the later are more influential than the former. We have witnessed some really strong church leaders like the Arch Bishop and many Bishops making statements which seemed to be negative toward the current leadership and the President also coming up to tell them to stick to church matters. There is no doubt that it the church throws her weight behind one candidate, he will obviously have to win.

The kings

These one are however limited by the constitution when it comes to engaging in active politics but many people are using them to solicit for votes. If it comes out openly that the kings in Uganda are supporting one candidate over another, that candidate will have to win. Uganda now has three active kings and many chiefs who lead millions of people. Just one word from the King of Tooro or Bunyoro is enough to give one candidate an upper hand in that area. However, since the kings are not supposed to influence in political matters, we do not expect to see much from them.

The youth

There are over 4.5 millions users who have registered to vote for the first time in Uganda, most of these are young people who were not eligible to vote in the previous elections. They hold a block vote which is at this time still uncertain where it will fall. Who ever takes the majority from this block vote will be the winner given the fact that the percentage by which President Museveni win by was not so big the last time. It is time, for the candidates to ascertain the composition of the new registrants and try to sway them to their side.