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Ugg did it again with their newest member of the family, the Ugg Cardy boot. It is named Cardy because of the Ugg Classic Cardy Boots

Cardigan type asthetic. The boots feature 3 buttons on the side and you can fold them up or down. Now, although they are the cardigan material instead of the normal ugg shearling, they are lined with shearling in the foot bed. They come in a multitude of colors but the most popular have been the neutrals- grey, tan, black.

These boots actually run true to size unlike the shearling classic boots which run one size larger. For instance if you wear a size 7 shoe, you wear a size7 in Ugg Cardy.

Comfort. The comfort of these boots is equal to that of the classic, and if you don't have the classic, think of the comfort of your favorite pair of slippers. They really are like wearing house slippers outside. I am not kidding. These boots are SO comfy but they do have tracktion. I really don't have a complaint on these. They don't rub the bottom of my heels, they are completely comfy to walk in, plus the bottom conforms to your actual footbed which is nice.

Price. They run about $140 retail but you can find them on the web for less and there are a few places that have coupons. I am including a link below to help you. I don't think the price is bad considering these will last you for several years and many other Ugg models are in the $200 range. Not to mention they are not JUST winter boots. Shearling can be worn in winter or summer as it keeps your feet at a constant tempature.

And of course, we can't talk about these boots without talking about their look. They are hot. They have been spotted on Madonna and on Kate Hudson and have been sold out for months. They are out and available again since January but it has been a long time coming. The company had these on back order for at least 3 months. You can wear them with anything but my favorite look is with the leggings that are SO hot right now. They have the Ugg logo on the back heel and the sole is a textured rubber for help with slipping. The website here has several in grey and black and at a discount. Happy Ugg Shopping!


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