Ugly XMAS Sweaters!

Are you going to a ugly Christmas sweater themed party this year, and are you wondering where can I buy the best, funnies AND ugliest Christmas sweater? These types of parties are so much fun to attend because everyone is decked out in the ugliest and funniest Xmas sweaters that look like they are from the 1960's! If you are looking for a vintage ugly and classic Christmas sweater for an ugly sweater party, these can unfortunately be hard to find in stores, so you must look online. Thankfully there are great companies devoted directly to making the funniest and ugliest Christmas sweaters.

What Makes a Good Ugly Christmas Sweater?

You must choose an ugly vintage sweater that has some sort of drawing or icon related to Xmas - reindeers, Santa Claus, Christmas Trees, elfs, or anything out of the ordinary that has Christmas colors. The "Black Santa" sweater is a popular one, posted above, because it's so random! Perfect for a private Christmas party or even bars or a pub crawl. Remember, you WANT to look ridiculous and tacky - that's the whole point and the reason these parties are so much fun!

Black Santa - Funny Xmas Sweater

Ugly Sweaters

The Best, Funniest and Ugliest Xmas Sweaters to Buy Online

Here are the  best ugly Xmas sweaters to buy online.


*This sweater features reindeer and is made by a company called Tipsy Elves (pretty funny name, right?). Vintage Xmas Sweater

I actually think it looks pretty nice, but it definitely still qualifies as an ugly Christmas sweater because of its original and weird design. To Buy on Amazon Click Here.*

*Below is another great one by Tipsy Elves called "Rudolf the Bucktoofed Reindeer Sweater."  


This hillariously ugly Christmas sweater was featured on the Today Show and an ABC show as well! A great choice because that is certainly one ugly reindeer. "Rudolph better get that grill checked out if he wants to get invited to any reindeer games." This product is made with 100% premiere acrylic yarn and is machine-washable as well.

Ugly Xmas Sweater

Besides Sweaters, What Else Should You Do for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?

Your definitely going to want to have plenty of cameras to take pictures, that is for sure. You may want to serve Christmas-themed alcoholic beverages, serve good food relating to the season, dress up your house or apartment with an XMas theme, etc.

You may also want to consider having everyone do a Christmas gift grab-bag or Secret Santa to swap presents with everyone. Do this but encourage your guests to bring funny gifts and it could make the party even more fun!

Have a great time at your next Ugly Christmas Sweater party and remember not to get TOO attached to your ugly Xmas sweater!

Ugly Christmas Sweater!

Ugly Christmas Sweater, X-Large, Black
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