"That's an ugly doll!" Normally, this would not be considered a positive statement, but when you're talking about the official Ugly Doll, it could very well be a compliment! Why? Well, because unlike their name, Ugly Dolls are really quite cute! They're plush, bright, and colorful. Not to mention they are also awfully huggable!

The idea for these dolls began with a drawing of a playful orange character, created by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, and developed into a world of Ugly Dolls. These unique and lovable creations live in a place called UglyTown. To find out more about this town, see "The World of Ugly Dolls."

The Ugly Doll characters are numerous and each one has a distinct "personality" and story. For instance, one of the Ugly Dolls is Mr. Kasoogi, and he is described as a "Treasure Hunter," who likes candy, donuts and fruit. Then there is Trunko, who "freaks out over everything" and his hobby is "overreacting." Each character is unusual, and these two Uglys are just the tip of the Ugly Doll iceberg.

There are so many Ugly Dolls to choose from and each is as different in personality as they are in appearance. The chances are probably pretty good that you will find your own personality in one or more of these dolls.


Ugly Doll toys have won several awards, including; The 2006 New York Toy of the year award; The 2007 Parent's Choice Award; The 2007 TD Monthly Top Toy Award; The 2010 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Best Toy Award, Gold Seal; The 2010 iParenting Media Hot Award (Ugly Doll Card Game) and The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

The following Ugly Dolls are currently available at a toy store near you (note: all dolls may not be available in all stores):

Abima; Babo; Babo's Bird; Batty Shogun; Big Toe; Bop N' Beep; Chuckanucka; Cinko; Cozy Monster; Deer Ugly; Fea Bea; Flatwoodsey; Gato Deluxe; Ice Bat; Jeero; Ket; Mi j; Moxy; Mr. Kasoogi; Mrs. Kasoogi; Mynus; Nandu Bear; OX; Peaco; Picksey; Plunko; Poe; Pointy Max; Puglee; Target; Tray; Trunko; Turny Burny Blue & Pink/Turny Burny Black & White; Ugly Dog; Ugly Ghost; Ugly Worm; Uglybot; Uppy; Wage; Wedgehead; Winkolina and Wippy.


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