I have become increasingly active on InfoBarrel in the past few months, to the extent that I garnered the top spot in the January contest. In February I spent less time on the site, and more time focused on working on my own website (which is yet to be released). Additionally, I wanted to see how my articles would do passively as opposed to me actively being on the site every day this month. I was fairly happy with the results, and expect them to increase as time goes on.

Closing February 2012

My Goals for February

My goals were fairly simple: make more money than previous months. I have not exactly set the bar high as my earnings have been fairly low since I started here on InfoBarrel. Unlike January, I did not set any expectations for my actual writings on InfoBarrel. Instead, much more focus was spent on short-term earnings on Fiverr; as well as writing content for my own website. Ideally, I would like to have my own website up and running so I can have more control over the number of ads and affiliate links I am allowed to incorporate. Plus, being able to take 100% percent of my earnings is much more desirable to me. Still, InfoBarrel is a great site for making additional money. Like they say, don't put everything into one basket.


Adsense: I made $12.98 in the past month on InfoBarrel, which is a substantial increase from January's earnings of ~$7 dollars. I hope to be able to reach around ~20 dollars in the next month in primarily passive income.

Amazon Affiliates: I made $2.56 in affiliate sales. Additionally, there are two other orders pending that have not shipped out yet; which should bring this total up to around ~$5 dollars. This was my first time making affiliate commission, and I am happy with the prospects.

Fiverr: I made $128 dollars (net) through sales made on Fiverr. Fiverr continues to be my best source of additional income, though I hope to ween off of it as I get my website up and running. One way I have used Fiverr to better my InfoBarrel earnings has been to offer "album reviews" for bands that will be posted to InfoBarrel. I make $4 dollars up front per order, and have unique content to add to this site; on which I have earned money in terms of adsense revenue. Not bad.


In all, February was a decent month for earning; though nothing particularly amazing. I hope with time my articles on InfoBarrel will mature in the search engines and allow me to reap the rewards of spending so much time on them. My major goal for March is to get my personal website up and running, and just allow content here to mature. From there, I will decide whether or not I will be sticking around with InfoBarrel for a longer term.