Ulthuan is located in the center of the Great Ocean. It is an island continent and is the ancestral home of all Elves, but the current home of High Elves.

It is situated between the New World and the Old World in the Great Ocean. There is an inner sea that is sheltered and only accessible via the Straights of Lothern.

There are ten kingdoms in Ulthuan and separating them are the Anulii Mountains into the inner and outer kingdoms.

The Inner Kingdoms are the centres of culture, power and civilization in Ulthuan. They are beautiful and have for millennia been guarded by the Anulii Mountains. Making up the Inner Kingdoms are:


Avelorn is a forest of magic. Caledor consists of tall mountains and is linked with dragons. Saphery has a strong flowing magical aspect and beautifully peaceful glades. In Eataine is development of the most advanced kind in the kingdom, and Ellyrion consists of grassy plains and rolling hills.

The Outer Kingdoms are not as sheltered as the Inner Kingdoms but they are as beautiful despite the fact they are more prone to assault. As such they have experienced a lot of battles of time. Chrace, Cothique, Tiranoc, The Shadowlands and Yvresse make up the Outer Kingdoms.

In Chrace you will find a wild kingdom full of hulls and woodlands. Tiranoc is now mainly under the ocean, Cothique has vast pine forests covering much of it, the Shadowlands are a blasted landscape and Yvresse is a cold and rugged land full of deep fjords. These varied landscapes make up the Outer Kingdoms.

Inside the crescent shaped island continent of Ulthuan lies the Inner Sea. In here is the Sea of Dreams and the Sea of Dusk. At the straits of Lothern the inner sea joins up with the Great Ocean. Here lies the Isle of Flame (containing the Shrine of Asuryan) and the Isle of the Dead (contains the vortex that drains Chaos energy away).

Cities located in Ulthuan include Anlec, Lothern, Tor Elyr, Tor Anroc, Tor Achare and Tor Yvresse.

Other areas of interest in Ulthuan include the Blighted Isle, Vaul's Anvil, The Finuval Plain and the Shifting Isles which are very difficult to navigate as they change position regularly.

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