Parties always mean a good time for everyone. Mention having a party and you get excitement in the friends and family. Mention a baby shower and you get people that start shopping for the perfect baby present for the mother.

To make the best baby shower, it takes good baby shower planning. Baby shower planning will include many areas of the entertainment, food, decorations, and the location.

Begin by determining when to have the party. The mother may want it on a specific date so use her ideas for the beginning of the party preparations. Ask her if she has any suggestions or requests for the party. She may have ideas you can incorporate into your plans to help you personalize the party.

Think about the party favors and gifts for the winner of the games. You can really have fun with this part of the planning. The favors can be in all different shapes of baby items to add to the fun of the gathering.

The party favors can be gift certificates to the favorite dinner or nail salon as well as simple as small knickknacks for the home or office.

The location of the baby shower can be the home of the hostess, a banquette hall, a church, or even a park in the warmer months. Wherever the shower is held, provide enough seating and table space for more guests than invited.

The tables should also include room for the food and gifts. Send out the invitations one month before the party, and then take the time two weeks before the shower to contact each guest to verify if they are going to attend.

This will allow you to plan for the food, party favors, and party gifts. You should also plan for unexpected guests that may attend without your knowledge.

The mother may mention it to a friend or family member but forget to let the hostess know of the additional invitation. With the right baby shower planning it can be an event to remember!

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