The New Ways to Approach Dog Training

When it comes to dog training, many people are still stuck using old outdated theories. In this current day and age with science now jumping into the picture, scientists are actually verifying that people haven't purely been bragging about how clever their dogs are, they really are clever! There are now new gentle alternatives to training which throw the outdated dominance theory out the window. This old technique has caused as many if not more problems than it has fixed. 

The whole family

Out With The Dominance Theory

With new scientific studies about how our dogs brain cognitively functions, it is now realized that the dominance theory just doesn't hold up. We are finding out more and more about our beloved furry friends and how they view life within our society and how they actually aim to please us and fit into our life as best they can. With past training techniques we have often implemented strategies for dealing with problems that have become counter productive, causing added troubles such as aggression towards people or other dogs, fear and anxiety. 

Luckily new advancements in scientific studies have led to a better understanding of our dog. This has given us new and improved ways to treat problems that they have and train them correctly from the beginning. With all these advancements, there have also come new training guides showing us how to implement more gentle techniques which address the underlying emotional state that causes the behavior to start with.

Dr Sophia Yin

When it comes to understanding, training and curing your dogs behavioral problems, there is a new kid on the block (so to speak). Veterinarian and applied animal behaviorist - Dr Sophia Yin. Dr Yin has come up with some of the most logical and sensible training methodology that I have come across. Apart from being a world-renowned expert on barking and on positive reinforcement training protocols for dogs, she runs an informative website, has written training books and published instructional videos all on gentle reinforcement training. One of her most impressive advances into today's training methods though, has come in her design of the training aid "The Premier Manners Minder Remote Reward Behavior Training System for Dogs". 

What Is The Manners Minder?

How does this nifty little machine actually work? It is a remote-controlled good behavior reward system. It works by drawing the dogs attention away from the bad behavior and placing the dogs focus onto behaving well, to receive a treat. It works using a few different principles

  • Initial correction of the behavior 
  • Sound which lets the dog know the treat is going to come rolling out of the machine.
  • Making the training fun and rewarding the feelings of being calm and relaxed.

Because it is remote-controlled by you, it gives you the ability to stand at a distance and not force the dog. This promotes and improves listening behavior by making the dog realize and learn that listening to you and your commands (and the machines beep, much like clicker training)will equal rewards. The "Premier Manners Minder Remote Reward Behavior Training System for Dogs" (Manners Minder for short) is positive reinforcement, at its absolute best!

The Manners Minder Promotional Video

Many Problems Covered With One Machine

JoyousCredit: ChopsooyAs you can see the "Manners Minder" can be used to train your dog to do just about anything in a fun way utilising positive reinforcement. It's a great way to get your dog to drop to "down" position whilst standing at a distance, something that can be very difficult to do, but because of the remote control, it now becomes somewhat easier.

The Target Wand

The next video demonstrates how to introduce the target wand into your training with the Manners Minder and "Fallon" the Standard Poodle Puppy. This really is a complete learning system!

Target Wand Training

Inside And Outside

It is not limited to indoor use and can be used outside to reinforce good behavior and distract your dog from problem behavior. Although I guess you may end up with a whole park full of dogs joining in your training session!

Premier Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer
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(price as of Sep 6, 2013)
This is a complete training system that provides stimulation for your dogs mind. It is the best way to gently reinforce good behaviour and train your dog. Even in the most difficult problem areas such as barking when people come to your door.

The Manners Minder Package - What You Get

The Manners minder comes as a complete instructional training package including

  • Detailed instruction guide
  • comprehensive instructional DVD
  • extendable target wand with removable base
  • hand-held remote control with 100 foot signal range
  • 2 interchangeable food disks
  • 4 "D" batteries required for the base unit are not included