For all of the busy New York and Manhattan spa-lovers who can’t make it to their favorite spas for full-day treatments, yet still need facial treatments to save their skin from extreme weather, mini-facial treatments are just the solution. We all want to remain youthful, yet without a little work looking care-free and young is nearly impossible. An important fact to remember, despite the many responsibilities that inevitably characterize the days of our lives, is that the earlier and more regularly we invest in keeping our skin youthful and healthy, the greater benefits we will reap when we finally have the time to sit down and enjoy them.
Age is, of course, a major contributor to our appearance.  However, nature’s course does not have to be the sole factor that determines the way the world perceives our age.  Tending to one’s skincare needs, specifically through making sure that regular facials are an incontestable part of one’s routine, ensures that the stress we endure and the rollercoaster of emotions we experience, do not leave an unwanted lasting impact on our faces.   Many people, when they hear the word “facial”, automatically turn off, either from fear of the unknown, (if they have never done a facial treatment before), or, because they feel that they simply do not have the kind of time to spare that a facial requires.
Enter the mini-facial.  Designed to include all of the elements of a regular facial, the mini-facial is a condensed, quicker and less penetrative version of the traditional facial routine.  A person will leave their spa bed with the same satisfactory sensation they enjoy after a 2-hour facial, yet the result is achieved in a mere thirty-minute session.  Furthermore, for those spa-goers who stick to manicures, pedicures, and the occasional wax because they worry that a facial may help more than heal, the mini-facial is a friendly, non-invasive introduction to the world of intensive skin-care and anti-aging remedies.  The mini-facial treatment will usually include a light pressure-point massage, exfoliation techniques and a healing mud-based face mask.  True, some clients will leave with slight redness in more sensitive areas of their faces, although once this irritation subsides, a true glow will take its place, and any former facial-phobia will be overcome and long-forgotten.
Mini-facials can benefit any and all skin types including dry and weathered skin via moisturizing facials. For wrinkle reversal and rejuvenation of aging skin, anti-aging mini facials like the 24KT gold facial, microdermabrasion, and the caviar facial are excellent and quick solutions. For those looking to clear their face of unruly pimples, blackheads and white heads a deep pore cleansing mini-facial can be just the solution for blemish control.
Do some research to find a New York spa near you that provides mini-facial versions of your favorite facial treatment and book your appointment today. Pop in during lunch or after work and leave just 30 minutes later feeling like a new person. Now, who said a beauty regimen had to be hard work?