Here today I want to take a look at some betting odds and parlay lines for the upcoming Ultimate Fight Night 21 (UFN 21) UFC event. These are from BetUS where they offer some of the best mma gambling options in the business. Unlike many other sites there you can parlay fights together to increase your chances of winning some money. If you're interested feel free to click the link at the bottom of the article to join the site.

Kenny Florian (-300) vs Takanori Gomi (+220)
Roy Nelson (-300) vs Stefan Struve (+220)
Nate Quarry (-300) vs Jorge Rivera (+220)
Gleison Tibau (-300) vs Caol Uno (+220)
Ross Pearson (-230) vs Dennis Siver (+180)
Yushin Okami (-550) vs Lucio Linhares (+375)

If you look at the fights above that are expected to be shown during the Ultimate Fight Night 21 (UFN 21) UFC broadcast there are some big lines and bloated odds. As in most cases though these odds are so large for a reason. Let's talk about some of these fights and where there is an opportunity to possibly make some money.

The fight that immediately stood out once the lines were released for Ultimate Fight Night 21 was Roy Nelson vs Stefan Struve. I consider myself a fan of both fighters and really was upset to see them matched together at this point in their careers. I feel that this fight was a bit too soon for Stefan Struve who is so young and still developing as a fighter. I think Roy Nelson has too much power, too much experience and has the edge standing up or on the ground. If you want to get right down to it often than a close decision I cannot see how Stefan Struve wins this fight. So the mma betting line of -300 for Roy Nelson may seem bad but I consider him a lock to win this fight.

When we see Gleison Tibau vs Caol Uno it will probably be the smallest lightweight in the UFC against the largest lightweight. This fight is destined to go to the ground and probably just as likely to go to a decision. I was lucky to hop on the early mma betting lines at BetUS and get Tibau around -200. The size and strength are just gonna be way too much of a factor in this fight. Gleison Tibau walks around around 185 pounds whereas Caol Uno weighs right at the 155 pound mark. Just like the odds with Roy Nelson I feel that Gleison Tibau is nearly a lock to win this fight.

The other fights on this card that I feel are worth a look are Kenny Florian vs Takanori Gomi and Nate Quarry vs Jorge Rivera. I don't feel as confident about these the odds for these Ultimate Fight Night 21 matchups. But the odds do reflect how many people think about the fighters. Kenny Florian has looked every bit as a top lightweight runner-up to BJ Penn as he has easily beaten tough guys like Clay Guida, Joe Stevenson and Roger Huerta. I feel this fight will go the same way but Takanori Gomi has a chance to end it with some good striking power.

I'm probably a little more sold on the betting odds for the fight between Nate Quarry and Jorge Rivera on Ultimate Fight Night 21 (UFN 21). Jorge Rivera has been given plenty of chances in the UFC but seemingly loses every fight against name opponents like Chris Leben and Martin Kampmann. Meanwhile Nate Quarry has beaten everybody he has fought in the last 6 years with the exception of Rich Franklin and Demian Maia. I don't think that Jorge Rivera can get this fight down and keep it down long enough to finish while Nate Quarry can land some big bombs standing up and turn off the lights for Rivera.

Now here comes the interesting part of the conversation. I'm talking about mma betting parlays and there are some good ones here on this Ultimate Fight Night 21 UFC event. The first one is a 4-fighter parlay consisting of Gleison Tibau, Roy Nelson, Nate Quarry and Kenny Florian with a payout of 2.2 to 1 or +220. That means if you bet $10 you would win $22 if all those fighters win on the card. But the mma parlay that I feel the best about in terms of betting on this event is Roy Nelson and Gleison Tibau with a payout of nearly even odds around -120.

It's worth noting that there are more fights than what was listed above in the article. I didn't list them yet because usually for undercard fights BetUS waits to release the lines until the day of the event or sometimes the night before on bigger cards. But there are some interesting ones to pay attention to and see the initial lines when they come out.

The thought in the mma community is that Jacob Volkmann and Mario Miranda have the possibility to be solid underdogs in their fights against Ronnys Torres and Gerald Harris. Jacob Volkmann has the overall game to keep from getting schooled on the ground by Torres but his weight cut is something to keep in mind fighting for 155 for the first time. Then you have Mario Miranda a guy that many people feel is gonna have a huge coming out party on this event. He has huge wrestling and BJJ credentials both of which will likely be tested big time against Gerald Harris.

From a personal standpoint I would recommend a minimum bet on the 4-fight parlay mentioned above, a minimum bet on a Florian and Quarry parlay and a decent bet on the Nelson and Tibau parlay. If you feel like placing the money down it wouldn't be a horrible move to bet on Tibau or Nelson straight up. I know that some people stay away from parlays. But if you like those mma betting odds and parlays then feel free to check out BetUS at the link below where they also have more odds like UFC 112. Can you guess how big of a favorite Brock Lesnar is over Shane Carwin at UFC 116?

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