Every athlete and sports fan has some ultimate goal or dream that they spend their whole sporting career trying to achieve.  However, no matter which sports you play or watch, the ultimate sports dreams of every average Joe would be to either dunk a basketball or to hit a hole in one. 

But which one is better?

The reason these two dreams are the most cherished sports dreams is simple.  Dunking and acing require a decent amount of skill and/or an incredible amount of luck; both of which your average Joe knows thinks he has.

Sure, you may only be six foot tall, but is that going to stop you from doing five sets of 40 reps of squats and calf presses on a daily basis in order to increase your vertical leap?  Nope.  And sure, you may have difficulty palming a softball, but will that prevent you from putting blocking between your fingers to increase your grabable-hand-to-ball-surface-area ratio?  I do not think so. 

And so what, you have never broken 100 on the front nine.  That is still no excuse not to scream “Get in the hole!” after every drive on a par 5.

Essentially, every sports fan and amateur athlete dreams of the day when they can dunk a basketball or hit a hole-in-one.  But still, which one is better?  I present to you my arguments.

Dunking a Basketball

Dunking a basketball is by far the most entertaining aspect of the game of basketball.  Professional and college players (and even some high school players) can awe the crowd on a nightly basis with their aerial acrobatics.  After watching any pro game, the next time you play some pick-up ball you will ultimately try that behind-the-back-through-the-legs dunk layup that ends with the ball bouncing off the bottom of the rim and back into your face.

But what if you could dunk?  Imagine standing at six foot nothing with a three foot arm extension.  That makes nine feet; just a foot shy of touching the rim.  Add another ten inches for the diameter of the ball and all you have to do is produce 20 inches of vertical leap and you are on your way to dunking.

By those numbers, dunking should be a piece of cake.

Wrong.  Twenty inches is a very high vertical leap for your average Joe.  Plus, if you are shorter or you have less of a wing span, this number could be even more than 20 inches.

But that is why dunking is such an ultimate sports dream: it may seem lofty but it is actually in reach.  The average sports fan would drool over a chance to train for a few months to increase their vertical jump and ultimately dunk a basketball.

Plus, if someone ever asked you if you could dunk, you could show them that skill over and over again.  You cannot say that with a hole-in-one.

Hitting a Hole-in-One

Unlike dunking in basketball, hitting a hole-in-one is not something every professional golfer can attest to.  Although every professional basketball player can dunk, not every pro golfer has been able to put a 1 on the scorecard.

Hitting a hole-in-one requires nowhere near the amount of skill as dunking a basketball; however, it does require about 10 times more luck.

Sure, you can read your yardage right to the front, back, and center of the green.  And sure you can select your club perfectly based on the wind conditions.  And sure you can place the ball exactly at the top of the ridge with exactly the correct amount of backspin to roll down the slope to the cup.  But all of these still might not produce a winning result.

Anyone who has ever hit a hole-in-one will tell you it was mostly luck.  They can say it was all the skill in the world, but at the end of the day, a friendly bounce or a fortunate breeze is something that you cannot control, making hitting a hole-in-one a true sports dream.


After considering all of the pros and cons of both options, it is clear to see which option is the true ultimate sports dream.  And the winner is...

Hitting a hole-in-one.

Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.  (Plus, everyone at the bar gets a round on the lucky ace.)