Participating in a triathlon requires that you have certain equipment. This is very necessary to ensure that the participating athlete is thoroughly prepared to take on the challenges of participating in a triathlon.

In order to be thoroughly prepared for a triathlon there are certain pieces of equipment that are needed. Having these pieces of equipment will make navigating through the triathlon a bit more fluid.

When selecting the equipment for a triathlon it is recommended that you make a triathlon equipment checklist. Having a checklist will allow one to be able to effectively keep track of all the products and items that are needed.

This checklist will serve as guide to what an individual will need. Likewise, when making the checklist it is a good idea to write down where certain items can be purchased which can be of great help when looking for items for triathlon training or participation.

When creating a checklist you may want to break the list down by sporting events. Listing the equipment that you will need based on the type of sport is a good idea.

There are three main sports associated with a triathlon. They include swimming, cycling and biking. Sectioning off your equipment list is a great way to get an idea of the items that are needed.

There are certain swimming goods that should be placed on the triathlon equipment checklist.

The most important piece of gear is the wetsuit which is needed for swimming. Along with the wetsuit other swimming accessories should be purchased such as goggles to cover the eyes while in the water, a swim cap for the hair and towels to for wiping off after the swimming leg of the race.

Having these items is very important for ensuring that an athlete is properly prepared for the swimming portion of the triathlon.

For the biking portion of the triathlon there are certain pieces of equipment that are necessary.

One of the most important pieces of equipment on the list is the triathlon bike. The individual will also need a quality helmet.

Many people also purchase bike shoes as they help an athlete transition from swimming to biking more efficiently. Likewise, individuals should also have the correct clothing for biking which can include a fitted, comfortable shirt and bike shorts.

The final portion of the triathlon is running. High quality running shoes are a must. Some people will also add such accessories as headbands to their triathlon equipment checklist.

Also, there are many athletes that choose to wear socks while running to prevent blisters so for some this is a must have. Sunglasses to keep the sun out of one's eyes and a water bottle to easily quench one's thirst while biking or running is also recommended.

It is important to remember that everything that is placed on the list for triathlon equipment should be purchased according to one's personal needs.

There are some individuals that may need more or less equipment depending on how they participate in the triathlon. In general, the checklist should have all the necessary equipment and any extras that will make participating in a triathlon a bit easier.

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