Tons of exercise schedules are promoted on the internet. They all promise to make you the new Jay Cutler or Mike Mentzer. The real truth is that there is no superior exercise routine that dominates all others. But it has to be said that some exercises are more efficient than others. Some training programs are also certainly better than others. This all depends on five principles.  The following five principles are crucial to implement in your training program to become really ripped.

  1. Never train longer than 60 minutes. Training more than an hour is useless. This is mainly because after an hour or so, your body will burn muscles instead of fat. Less is more, so aim to keep your training between 45 minutes and an hour!
  2. Posture is very important. Especially for exercises like squats. Ask someone at your local gym to monitor you do the exercise, and give advice. If you do the exercise with a wrong posture, this will only lead to injury and certainly no new muscles.
  3. Hypertrophy is key. This is the concept of always improving yourself, also known as kaizen in Japanese. This means you always have to do one rep more than the last time or a little bit more weight.  In this way you can prevent becoming stuck on a plateau.
  4. Golden three. Always implement the following three exercises in your routine:  Squats, Bench press and Deadlift. These three will stimulate the most muscle growth. Not only in the areas they are aimed at, like squats are mainly for the quadriceps, but they also stimulate growth in other body parts. These exercises release so much testosterone that regular squats can make you unbearable horny.
  5. Machines are to be avoided. The best is to train with lose weights or with your own body weight (Dips etc.). Machines stimulate less muscle growth. The only advantage of machines is that your posture is automatically correct and that they are relatively easy to use.

If you implement these five principles in your workouts, it is inevitable to become ripped and develop hard abs. It doesn’t matter which exercises you precisely choose or how you’re routine is exactly designed, as long as you exert these five principles it will yield results.