Ugg Ultra Tall

When I first heard about Ugg Ultra Tall, I thought wow - great – boots with a longer length leg for tall people like me. But what I didn't know is that these womens Ugg Boots also offer wide fit calf sizing. This is great news not only for larger ladies who are looking for great fitting boots, but also for us taller women, who struggle with calf sizes because regular sized boots fit in all the wrong places.

There are two distinct things you need to know about Ugg Ultra and Ugg Ultimate Boots:

Ugg Ultra has 15" circumference calf. The length of the boots runs to 12" from ankle to calf.

Ugg Ultimate, on the other hand, has 17" circumference calf. The length of the boot runs at 12" from ankle to calf.

What I'd have preferred, being 5'10" tall, is for the boots to run a little taller in length. Sure, they reach higher than regular womens Uggs. But what are knee length on regular size people come mid calf on me, and these boots still aren't quite long enough for my height. A couple of extra inches in length would have been perfect.

What is great is that Ugg seem to be widening the range of Ultra and Ultimate tall boots that are available on the Ugg store website this year in the wider and taller fittings. These fashion Uggs don't seem to have made it further to many online shoe shopping sites at this point, so on Amazon etc, you're still limited to the Ugg Australia Classic Uggs in the wider fit.

Still, the regular classic Uggs are what most people choose to buy, and some of the classics, like the Ugg Ultimate/Ultra Braid (pictured above) – have a distinct little braid seam that runs up the back, which differentiates them from the regular Uggs. This is a nice touch, to set them apart from the regular styles.

The growing availability of wide fit boots and wide calf size boots is something that's only just started happening in the last few years. Before that, you were limited to just a few, unfashionable options. Or squeezing feet into boots that didn't fit, hoping that in time they would stretch to accommodate you. So the fact that large fashion brands, such as Ugg Boot Australia are recognizing this and taking steps to offer solutions to those problems is great news for anyone who doesn't fit the conventional sizing mould.

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