Gardens are usually infested with mice for a reason. First of all, gardens are full of tasty munchies that both field mice and rats like to chew on. The vegetables are just a little too much for them to resist. The problem with gardens is that people simple invest too much time into them to have rodents come and reap the rewards. Therefore, most farmers either call a mouse exterminator or try to find a deterrent that works on getting rid of the mice. In order to make this search as easy as possible, I would like to help those with a garden related rodent problem find what they are looking for.

Obviously, if you are looking to have somebody else solve your rat problem, then calling an exterminator would be best. If you would rather save money and do it yourself, then maybe considering a few of these items would be good.

In my opinion, ultrasonic mouse control devices are among the best deterrents out there. They are great because all that you have to do is plug them in and leave them to themselves. The ultra sonic frequencies sent out through the device work to repel the mice from the area by making it really hard for them to stand the noise. Most of these mouse control items are powered by batteries or by a wall outlet. A battery powered ultrasonic mouse control device would be key for use in a garden. Unless you have a wall outlet in your garden, then you would more than likely need to use one that runs off of batteries. However, you could also use an extension cord as well. Some of the best models are the ones that can be inserted into the ground. This way, the device can be placed right into the middle of the area where the vegetables are. Remember that these items do not work to well around structures. The other technique would probably have to be either a mouse trap or a have-a-heart live trap. However, when using a trap such as these, you will need to add a little bait. Another question that people often ask pertains to which mouse bait works best in attracting them. The answer is simple, both peanut butter and cheese work fine, but the rodent's tastes change from area to area. In other words, remember to experiment to see which one works best.