Rodents such as mice and rats can pose a health hazard to families and individuals who live in the home where the infestation is present. This is only one of the reasons that getting rid of mice is important.

This day and age with so many people in search of natural ways to handle pest control and many homes being unable to afford to hire professional pest exterminators it is important to know your options.

Here is one option available to those looking for a way to repel mice naturally. This method, ultrasonic mouse control, utilizes sound to deter mice - how much more natural could it be?

How Do Ultrasonic Mouse Control Devices Work to Deter Mice 

Ultrasonic Mouse Control Device(71569)These electronic contraptions emit high frequencies of sound waves that are bothersome to mice and other rodents. Though this sound will not kill them what it does is it pretty much drives them crazy and makes your home, garage or office an unappealing place to call home. 

How Long Will it Take to Tell if it is Working to Get Rid of the Mice 

On average you should notice a decrease in rodent activity within a week of placing these around the home, for some it has taken up to 9 days to really see the effects. If after 7-9 days no change in mouse routine is noticed they may not be working and you may need to research other pesticide free ways to get rid of mice

Will Ultrasonic Pest Control Hurt Household Pets? 

A good quality mouse control product will often provide these details on the packaging, however for most house pets such as cats and dogs these devices should not be troublesome.  Other pets such as guinea pigs or hamsters however will have the same reaction to these as a mouse, rat or other rodent and should therefore be placed in an area that does not house an electric or ultrasonic rodent repellent. 


Choosing the Right Device for Ultrasonic Mouse Control  

How effective ultrasonic repellents are depends a lot on the product itself. One important feature it should possess is an output of un-patterned or "random" sound waves. This prevents the rodents from adjusting or becoming use to the sound and provides a more effective deterrent. 

Triple Speaker Mouse DeterrentA quality electronic mouse trap such as these should give you a reasonable time frame in which to expect to see a decrease in the number or activity of mice in your home. If it does not provide you with this information on the package or their online site (most companies have one) go by the average of 1 week before you decide it is not working. 

Check out the reviews - not all mouse repellents are created equally. Some good name brands/models to look for are Victor Heavy Duty Sonic PetChaser (pictured above) or Ultrasonic rodent repeller Commercial Triple Speaker (pictured right). Be sure to check out the reviews - a good product should work for approximately 80% of the people who try it.