Five reasons why ultrasonic mouse deterrent rocks

  1. There is no mess. I don't know about you, but I really do not like to handle mice. They are creepy, and crawly, and I simple do not like them. Their coats are all filthy and people say that they carry all sorts of diseases. So to say the least, I do not like to handle them. That is why I think ultrasonic mouse deterrent rocks the boat man. With this particular form of pest repellent, a person doesn't really have to do any dirty work at all. There are no dead mice to pick up either.

  2. They are versatile. Yup, you can just about take one of these bad boys anywhere. Most people think that all of these devices are just plug in the wall type deals and that is simply not the case. There are several brands out there that are mobile in the sense that they can be placed just about anywhere. Yep, these puppies are usually small, but they pack a punch. The mobile ones are usually powered by batteries by the way.

  3. They work. Sure, if you go and read some of the reviews on amazon you will find some pretty nasty stuff on these things, but then again – isn't there always that same old person that bashes a product? Even some of the most respectable gadgets out there have a few bad reviews. I mean, stuff happens. Maybe it was a faulty version an things didn't work out – big deal. I see all sorts of bad product reviews out there for some really great items that even I myself have purchased before. The bottom line is simple, there are several things that can either make or break a customer's experience with the item. Also, many people's reviews are often biased for some reason or another. These items work because they emit ultrasonic sounds throughout an area that, to say the least, can make a mouse get out of dodge.

  4. They are cheap. Yep, there should not be a whole disappointment if it didn't work for only twenty bucks. Now don't get me wrong, twenty bucks is a nice little chunk of change, but not when compared to some of the other mouse deterrent products out there. Some electronic deterrents can cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $100.

  5. It doesn't take a degree from Harvard to use them. Most of the ultrasonic mouse deterrents out there are powered by plugging them into a wall, so using them is pretty basic.