Triple Pork Umami Burger
Credit: Greg Ma

Hamburgers have been a long time favorite all-American food, complete with classic toppings, condiments and a side of fries.  One cooked ground beef patty covered with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cheese please, with ketchup, mustard, and mayo on the side and a large soda with lots of ice.  The burger has come a long way from its humble origins and today can be found set up in a wide array of creative combinations.  Most of these various creative burger types come complete with topping recommendations and sauce pairings from the burger’s creator, resulting in standout flavors and a 5 napkin experience.  Certain places have gone to new heights with their burger creations such as the famous 777 burger from the Paris Casino in Las Vegas, aptly named as it carries a $777 price tag.

Not Your Ordinary Burger

In a world of ever evolving burger types and toppings, the Los Angeles based Umami Burger brings a unique flare to this classic food and heavy competition for well-established burger chains.  Umami is actually considered by some, and contended by others, as being a potential fifth taste behind the well-known sweet, sour, bitter, and salty tastes.  

New taste makes room for new burgers, and Umami burger was quick to the punch in securing its name and creating a burger that is likely to redefine the LA burger culture. This may be a bit of an over statement, but it is more than enough to pull in curious customers, including the author of this article. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to try one of these burgers or heard of the Umami phenomenon, here is what you are missing. 

A Man with a Plan

The restaurant founder, Adam Fleischman, has found a way to merry Japanese flavors into the meats and sauces of his burger combinations, resulting in amazing whole mouth flavor with just the right mix of savory and salty.  When combined with Umami’s thick cut and stacked French fries or a pile of golden browned tempura onion rings, umami style ketchup, and a Mexican coke, you will have a truly amazing meal that will likely transform into a hard to control craving. 

The company website and relaxed staff both proudly inform customers that they grind together their own meat, pickle their own veggies, and process their own cheeses, while using only the freshest of ingredients which likely lends to the flavors which have made this place a standout establishment.  Depending on which location you visit, there will be upwards of 10 burger styles and combinations to choose from including the unique Umami Burger itself, the Triple Pork Burger, the SoCal Burger, and the Ahi Tuna Burger among others.  You can feel free to venture across the various burger types, or just shoot for the one that started it all, the original Umami.

Toppings and condiments are important components to any burger experience, and Umami Burger provides uniqueness in both categories through its umami ketchup, jalapeño ranch, Kombu relish, and multiple topping choices across its burger styles, each uniquely paired for quick orders or customizable to your tastes.  In addition, Umami Burger has another unique offering in the form of their home made pickled veggies which include carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and peppers. Definitely not something one would expect to find in a burger joint, but they have amazing flavor and are a good warm up for while waiting for the main event. 

To date Umami Burgers have received mentions from over 13 well known syndicates including GQ, People, Food and Wine and Last Call with Carson Daly.  Based on the rave reviews received to date and growing public hype from locals and tourists, it is becoming apparent that Adam Fleischman’s Umami Burger is definitely one upping the LA burger culture.