Ok, so you are at the game, and the sun is blazing down on your head. You were wearing a cap, but it is not really doing much for your head or back of the neck, so this is a good time to get out your umbrella hat.


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Umbrella Hat

This has to be one of the most portable hats you can get to keep the rain or sun off your head. These are perfect for golfing, fishing, or sitting in the bleachers watching the game. They are a way to keep your hands free, especially for fishing, and to keep those sunburns to a minimum.

You can get this one in different colors, but essentially it protects you from the weather by fitting directly on your head.  This is actually better than a hat, as it protects your face and shoulders as well, but also keeps your hands free for carrying bags or making phone calls.

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Clips over your Arm

This particular style slides over your arm so you can still carry on with your chores and not let the weather stop you.  As you can see in the picture, you can cover your baby and yourself and keep your hands free.  It especially becomes frustrating when trying to take that cell phone call or texting.  You used to have to pick between staying dry and staying in touch.   If you want hands free umbrellas but maybe not the hat style, this is something that would work well too and you are not likely to lose it as it is hooped over your arm.

This one also is UV protected and doesn't stay wet when not in use.  No worries of draining all the rain into your car it folds dryer.   It is also wind proof so you don't take off like Mary Poppins!

handsfree umbrellaCredit: amazon.com
Star Power Stay Dry Rainbow Classic Umbrella Party Hat, One Size
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At the Game - Umbrella Hat

These are actually worn as hats. They usually come in Small, Medium and Large, but
 you can also get some that "one size fits all". They fit tight on your head, thus the name umbrella hat. 

I am seeing more and more of these at sporting events as hats don't always protect the back of the neck or the face.  You can adjust them to fit well.

You will definitely get looks, but more and more people are using these, so maybe not as many looks as you might of once had. They are bright and colorful, and work well.

This hat is not too big, and doesn't interfere with your activities. It is not only really useful for keeping sun off your head, it will protect from some rain. 

Handsfree umbrellaCredit: amazon.com

Clips to Your Pack

Don't let a bit of rain stop you from getting out for that walk or for those errands.  These unique umbrellas make it easy to stay dry and still carry the things you need. 

Whether you wear it as a hat at the game to keep the rain the sun off your head, or out for your walk.  These work better than a rain hood because they protect the area further out from your head such as your shoulders and can stop the rain from biting and blowing into your face.  

These are portable and easy to carry on you or with you for just in case.  I know when I used to carry my kids it was almost impossible to juggle the umbrella and it could get dangerous, as it could poke you or the baby while trying to juggle everything.  

Attaching it to your head or to your arm or your pack is a great way to get the dry coverage you need while carrying everything else.  


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