Unarmed security job training can be the first step to an exciting career that demands vigilance, physical endurance and intelligence. Today, there are many men and women who have become interested in a line of duty where they can safeguard both private and public property as well as people. The great thing about being a security guard is that there are so many different places you can work. You have the option to work at airports, banks, hospitals, businesses, homes, schools and many other sectors of society. You also have the freedom to choose whether to work during the day or at night when the majority of people are fast asleep. Security job training consists of a lot of exercises that deal with monitoring suspicious activity, patrolling and controlling traffic. If you think you have what it takes to work in the security industry, you should definitely start thinking about taking courses to help you prepare for the job. Below, I will provide you with some tips on how to obtain unarmed security job training.

Becoming an Unarmed Security Guard

If you want to work as a licensed security guard, you need to first undergo a security job training program. Keep in mind that the courses that are required for you to take will depend on your previous experience and profession. If you worked as a police officer or participated in the military, you will only need to take a few classes to obtain your license. The security job training program differs from country to country, however there are a few topics that are covered by all. 

1. Procedure Training: Every security guard needs to follow certain procedures in the case of an intruder or disturbance. Failure to follow proper protocol may result in theft or the death of civilians. You will also learn how to arrest a civilian and file detailed paperwork. All of these skills will help you operate quickly and efficiently under the law.  

2. Surveillance Skills: If a security guard lacks surveillance skills than you will never be able to do your job with competence. Learning how to conduct surveillance will not only help you retell what happened to authorities but it could be the difference between catching or losing a criminal. You will learn how to quickly jot down observations and also learn how to operate and watch CCTV. 

3. Self-Defense: Although being a security guard is a safe job, it obviously comes with the potential to be dangerous. If you are going to serve as personal body guards, or protect valuable items such as money or jewelry, it is imperative that you know how to defend yourself in case of an attack. This course may consist of learning martial arts and other defense techniques.  

4. Weapons Training: If you want to become an unarmed security guard, this part of the training won't be necessary. However, do keep in mind that you will be trained in other types of weapons besides firearms and ammunition. These days, security guards can carry a slew of weapons such as batons, mace, pepper spray and sticks. Usually weapons training will be required of security guards that work in a more aggressive line of duty.

How to Find a Security Job Training Program

If you want to work as a public security guard you should do a quick Google search for security jobs in your state. The Security Guard Act of 1992 requires that all security guards working in the United States must undergo registration and training. The best and cheapest way to find a training program is to find a job first. Often times security jobs will provide you with the training you need. Finding a job first will also help you quickly complete the required number of on-the-job training. If you do an online security job program, make sure that the certificate that they provide is valid. Do some research and see where the trainees get placed and in which industry. Security companies shouldn't be charging you more than a couple hundred dollars for training and fingerprinting. 

Unarmed Security Guard Jobs

Finding unarmed security guard jobs is relatively easy. The first place I would look at are popular job websites like Indeed, Craigslist, Monster and Simply Hired. Here you will find a ton of offers that need security guards immediately. Depending on the industry you are in and what or who you are guarding, your salary will differ. Security Guard salaries can range anywhere from minimum wage to 50 dollars an hour. The majority of security guards working in the industry do not make more than 30,000 dollars a year. Nevertheless, it is a rewarding job and you are really making a difference in the lives of people by giving them the protection that they often times take for granted. If you feel that this job is right for you, hurry up and find an unarmed security job training program today!