Lottery Winner Still Collecting Food Stamps


As unbelievable as it may sound, yes, there is a young woman from Michigan who won $1 million in the lottery and is still collecting $200 in food stamps from her Michigan Bridge Card. According to channel 4 news in Detroit, even after purchasing a new car and a brand new house with her lottery winnings, Amanda Clayton, a young 24-year-old woman thought it was ok to still use the food assistance she was getting from welfare because they had not cut her off and she was technically not working. Channel 4 news filmed her still purchasing goods with her food stamps money.


Is It Illegal To Still Collect Food Stamps After Winning The Lottery?

No, it would not be considered illegal until she mis-reports or falsly reports her income from all sources including lottery winnings.  Until then, she would continue to receive any welfare assistance until she either contacts they welfare administration or the welfare administration stops her assistance. However, a bill has been recently passed to prevent this type of abuse of public assistance.  Just to think of a poor family who may need that $200 monthly to eat, and someone who now essentially is a millionaire using public assistance money she no longer needs is just infuriating.  It makes you wonder, how many lottery winners are still collecting public assistance money intended to help low income families and people living below the poverty line?


Abuse Of Tax Payer's Money?

Yes, absolutely. This is a gross abuse of tax payer's dollars and a gross neglect of the system that allowed something like this to slip through the cracks.  Thanks to Republican Representative, Dale Zorn, there is something now being done to fix the cracks in this system. With this new bill, any lottery winner of $1000 or more will have their names cross-checked with the welfare office and in the case of a huge lottery winner like Ms. Clayton, the welfare recipient will have their benefits suspended.  How many lottery winners have continued to collect from welfare even though they are financially stable? The question still stands, should the Department of Health and Human Services go after past lottery recipients and get money back that they technically should not have spent?  That's a question for or representatives in Congress.


Makes You Wonder....

It does make you wonder about the lack of empathy for her fellow Michigan residents.  Michigan, is one of the states that has been hit really hard by this recession especially with the demise of the auto industry.  There are whole neighborhoods in Detroit that are vacant and people are looking for financial help anywhere they can find it.  It just makes you wonder why a millionaire would use money that could go to a poor family just because the welfare office didn't cut her off, probably because they did not know about her lottery winnings.  Even after having the issue brought to her attention, Ms. Clayton still thinks she has a right to use the $200 per month in public assistance because she's not working and she has two houses to take care of.  Unbelievable!

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