The Holmes humidifier is an appliance that would help stabilize the moisture in the air in our homes. This is much smaller than a console humidifier, and it only occupies your table top.

It also would hold 2 gallons of water and would emit a lot of steam. It would moisturize the air in about 750 square feet. It's relatively noiseless and shuts off on its own. It is easy to clean, and the filters don't need to be replaced.

The compact style of the Holmes humidifier allows more furniture to be put in a room. Take the Holmes HM630-U Tower Humidifier for example. This does not consume a lot of space, enabling you to move freely in an open area in your room. It would also free you from the hassle of cramping your room and risking a burn accident with the humidifier.

This humidifier also does not require much assembly. The tank, moisture funnel and humidifier base is all that you would have to put together.

The Holmes humidifier has few parts, so there is no confusion and no misplacing any parts. Plus, the water tank slips on and off quite easily, so there would be no struggling with the refilling of the tank.

All you would need is a firm and flat surface to put your Holmes humidifier on. Make sure that you keep it away from your pets or your kids. This baby emits some serious hot steam.

The Holmes humidifier is easy to control. You can even set it on automatic. In this mode, it will sense and regulate the humidity without human intervention, and that would free you from the hassles of having to press a couple of buttons every now and then.

It is convenience sitting right on your desk, but if you don't want to set it on automatic, you can always use the control display. No worries about that too, as it is easy to use and read. The display is properly labeled, so there would be no risk of confusion and actually blowing up your Holmes humidifier.

The Holmes humidifier is a compact and convenient humidifier. It will be a better choice than those bulky consoles that would eat up the space in your home. It's one tiny gadget that could do a lot and save you a lot as well.

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