If you're like me and just started writing at Info barrel you might be stumped at what possible topics you can write about. From culture to history, technology and society, there are countless topics to choose from. This might leave you feeling overloaded. I know I certainly felt that way at first. After sitting down and thinking what I can add and contribute to the literature out there I came up the following approach to finding the easiest and best topics I could write about.

Brainstorming and discovery

My first step was to take the advice of others and to start writing down some topics I am familiar with and had experiences in. I soon came up with a short list of topics such as philosophy, society, people and geography.

'I soon realised that this was an exercise not about 'finding topics' but more so about discovering topics to write about.

What's the difference you might ask? Finding topics is about searching for something. You don't necessarily have a goal in mind but are just searching for something that might be worthwhile to write about. Inevitably you'd find something suitable to write about.

Discovering a topic is more personable. It is about noticing and realizing something that was already there and then writing about it. For example when you where younger you might have been involved with the boy scouts and have a huge bank of knowledge about survival skills, or your dad might have taken you fishing every weekend and you know the best tips to catch fist and can write extensively about that.

The key here is discovering a great topic to write about is a personal thing. It involves looking inward and accessing what useful information you can bring to the world. For me, since 1999 I have kept a journal that I have written in every day for the past 12 years. After 12 years of doing anything you usually get good at it. I soon realized that in my journals there is a world of information I can write about. From my travelling experiences of different places, how to best survive university to learning business lessons in the workplace. Likewise I could also write about 'how to write and keep a journal'. My other point here is that finding topics can be both an external search and an internal search. The above example is an internal search of topics to write about.

External search 'Info Barrel: things to do'

If you still stuck on topics to write about your already in the right place to find a host of topics that might be suitable.

'Info Barrel' has its own section of suggested topics it needs articles written about.

At the top of this page in the 'Things to do' heading you'd find a page of topics you can write about. Currently there are 211 articles needing something written about and another 431 overviews that anyone can write on (pending approval of course).

In summary these are just two easy and simple ways I have found a great deal of topics to write about. Other sources of information might be friends, the news, topics you regularly discuss or a hobby or interest you might have. Whatever your inspiration and interest there is no shortage of topics to keep your articles coming for a long time to come.