Unbridled creativity flourishes at InfoBarrel and the pace is on track to blow the competition out of the water. Thousands of authors have banded together and come to the forefront of the on line information game. How they did it is a topic well worth discussing.

Created in 2008 with an ambition to create a clearing house of informative articles on open subjects, this phenomenon has neglected to look back. With a free sign up page being advertised by thousands, the ranks have swelled to the point of overloading the software programs that were originally built to operate InfoBarrel.

Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFileNow boasting over 100,000 articles, InfoBarrel has gone from breakout website to joining the super powers of the Internet information world. If you have a question on any topic imaginable, InfoBarrel probably has several authors that have written works about it published on the site.

One of the most attractive and bragged about feature on InfoBarrel is the information available. This is apparent with a search of the site. Your topic of interest will usually show several results to investigate your chosen subject. Take a minute and give it a try and you'll see for yourself how helpful and informative InfoBarrel can be.

There is a user friendly forum for newcomers that has a very good reputation for being one of the most helpful forums on the planet. Ask a question within a forum page and a flood of users will trip over each other to help you out with any difficulties you may be having.

A well designed point system keeps writers motivated by rewarding points for achievements, the more you write the higher your achievement score. Contests are held monthly and points achieved can raise your AdSense or Tier money to a maximum 90%. Also a very attractive feature when most revenue sharing sites of this kind are far lower.

Money is being made on InfoBarrel. Monetization is accomplished by Google AdSense, Amazon modules and Media (dot)net advertisements. These ads are placed strategically within your published pages and, when clicked on, create a revenue stream from their respective companies. This revenue is shared between the author and InfoBarrel. With a little effort your share can be increased to a very healthy monthly recurring income.

This website gives an author an easy way to get published. Signing up with InfoBarrel is as easy as clicking the link at the bottom of this article and telling them who you are. Your first article can be submitted immediately following the sign up process.

Once submitted, articles will be approved by the administration. This action maintains quality control and assures that all work submitted is up to snuff prior to going live. After producing and submitting at least ten articles through the approval process, writers will have the opportunity to be pre-approved to publish directly. Articles will then go live as you submit them (unless there is a keyword density problem). Once this has been achieved, the income producing capabilities are totally in the authors hands; the more you produce, the more you'll earn.

With new innovations due out at the beginning of 2011 (the actual date was a secret) InfoBarrel will undoubtedly jump another rung on the proverbial ladder of informational websites. Stopping this rolling freight train on it's way to the top, seems like an unlikely occurrence.

The InfoBarrel blog is also available for members to discuss new ideas and marketing techniques to bring traffic to the multitude of pages that are published every day. Between the forums and the blog, anyone can quickly master the road to a recurring on line passive monthly income. How large this income is will depend on the author's motivation and commitment to producing quality optimized articles, as well as the work they do to publicize them.

Alexa rankings for InfoBarrel have quickly joined sites like Ehow and HubPages and are destined to sweep right by them in the near future. Joining this merry band of writers helping to inform the world, can be an inspirational journey of learning and earning. In a few short moments anyone can become a published author. Your work can go in front of the people searching for that topic.

From sign up to going live can be accomplished within a few days. Other sites of this type can make you wait for weeks and then deny your submission for one reason or another and it takes another week or two to put it back through. With InfoBarrel, you will receive an answer to your submission in a couple of days and once pre-approved, your work will hit the world wide web live, within seconds of clicking the publish button. No other article submission site will offer this freedom to qualified writers.

Before I leave you I would like to mention that I am a member and author at InfoBarrel and I intend on coming along for the ride and adding my insight to their vast library of informational articles. What I've learned throughout my life of 50 years can help me to make some money. And here I was thinking it would just rattle around my head for another 20 years or so and then die with me.

Thanks to InfoBarrel that will now be avoided as I am leaving any small bit of myself I can for future generations and mankind, for years to come. Join me writing for InfoBarrel. Come on over and see for yourself, how a friendly motivated group of writers, banding together as one voice, on one website, can change the world of informational search, forever.