In the world of comics, there are few tasks more daunting than having to take over a title after a memorable run. With Marvel Now! a huge re shuffling of writers and artists on many of top titles it was time for them to step up to the challenge.This shakeup has seen Matt Fraction taking over Fantastic Four after Jonathan Hickman’s stellar run and Jonathan Hickman taking over the reigns on The Avengers after Brian Michael Bendis’ 8 year run(who is now writing the fantastic All New X-Men. Rick Remender capped off 2012 by finishing his 35 issue run on Uncanny X-Force which was nothing short of spectacular. His X-Force run quickly become one of my all time favorite X-Men stories that had be impatiently waiting for the next issue to release. Sadly, it was announced that Remender would be leaving the book to move on to new projects but Uncanny X-Force would be continuing in 2013. Sam Humphries (The Ultimates and Fanboys vs . Zombies) and Ron Garney would be charged with taking over Uncanny X-Force now renumbered back to #1. Would they be up to the challenge?

As any good #1 issue of a comic does, Humphries sets the stage for new readers to come in and not feel immediately overwhelmed her lost. The story takes place 6 months after the end of Uncanny X-Force #35 and starts off with a bang right away with Psylocke (Betsy Braddock). Readers of Remender’s run will be happy to see the plot threads of his run continue at the beginning but new readers will not feel lost at all. As the plot continues we see Storm (who has a mohawk again!) Puck and Cluster aka Fantomex(also a beloved character from Remender’s run). Without spoiling any of the plot, this first issue is action packed and sets the stage for the new chapter in the X-Force.

 Ron Garney’s art has a clean refreshing feeling to it that sets the tone for what is going to be a fun explosive ride. This isn’t simply Remender part 2, Sam Humphries is out to set his mark on the title. There are some characterizations that I did not expect. Psylocke has fallen into a dark place and Storm who I expected to be dark and still upset about her divorce to the Black Panther seems to be calm and trying to be the voice of reason. I am excited to see what is in store for Psylocke and can’t wait until issue number 2. The best way to describe Uncanny X-Force #1 is with a quote from Humphries: “I’m going to write it like a stole it!”


Worth Checking Out? Yes! Give Uncanny X-Force #1 a chance and if you enjoyed Remender’s run what are you waiting for? Buy this title!




Uncanny X-Force #1 Cover