Unclaimed Money
Credit: google images

In December 2011, a woman in Missouri found 6.1 million dollars in unclaimed money from an investment of her ancestors many years ago.  This was the largest unclaimed money payout in Missouri history.  Could this happen to you?  All over the United States each state has millions in unclaimed money and property in their coiffeurs.  This money may come from old bank accounts, insurance payouts, and forgotten safety deposit boxes, even lost estates.  The big question for most people is how do you find this unclaimed money?  If that is the question on your mind let’s explore some possibilities.

  1.  State Department of Revenue.  By visiting the website of most state’s departments of revenue, you can find missing money.  You will need to fill out documents and provide proof of your identity in order to claim the money.  I found over 10k for three of my family members this way.  Maybe your local department of revenue has money waiting for you too.
  2. State Treasurer’s Office.  Many states utilize this office to keep records and hold the unclaimed funds for the state’s residents.  Some states do have a time limit on how long they will hold property; for example the state of Nevada will auction off property after two years of searching for heirs.  The money however, is held forever in most cases as there is no time limit as to when a claim can be made.  The only attempt to locate the owner of money is at the person’s last known address. 
  3. National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.  If you think you may have money in several states or want to check for your family members, then you can start here.  The NAUPA is a non-profit organization that works with the Council of State Governments and the State Treasurer’s Association to provide information for those looking for unclaimed funds.  The NAUPA allows you to search every state for unclaimed funds in one place.  The great thing about this site is that you can view news reports of unclaimed finds throughout the US as well as view updates of names added to the site.  Check this site as often as you like, there may be some money for you after all.
  4. IRS.  If you changed addresses prior to receiving your income tax one year and never received your refund; the IRS may have a check for you.  You can call them or go on their website to get more information on how to locate an undeliverable refund check.
  5. Pension Benefit Guaranty.  You can check their database to see if you have some pension benefits belonging to you from a closed out pension plan or one that was taken over by the pension agency.  If you are a surviving spouse or heir you can also search for possible money owed to you as the heir.  More details will be provided on the site on how to claim money if your name isn’t in the database. 

There are millions of dollars in unclaimed funds and property just waiting to be found.  Use some of the sites above to see if any of those millions belong to you.  Take a few minutes and do the research; who knows it just may change your life.