What are your liposuction options?

Liposuction is a procedure that seems to have the unusual distinction of becoming more and more mainstream while it's reputation still remains just as questionable among certain groups. There's no question that nothing replaces diet and exercise for getting healthy and burning away the fat, and while many fat deposits in the body can be toned and firmed through diet and exercise, the trouble is that the idea of "spot reduction" is a myth, meaning that there might be some stubborn areas might still require additional work to look good. This is where body specific or some unconventional lipo procedures come in to help out.

Liposuction is the process of injecting fatty tissue with tumescent fluid and removing the dissolved fat through thin tubes. This is done by some individuals surgically, there are also an increasing number of low impact procedures that mimic this action. Since the body cannot replace the fat cells that are removed, following up a procedure with decent diet and exercise can help to make the results permanent. For someone who has hit a long standing plateau for weight loss and look, but lives a healthy lifestyle now, this can be an appealing solution.

Because human genetics are unique people store body fat in different areas. Most commonly fat deposits are stored around the hips, waist, buttocks, and stomach. These are the most commonly treated areas of liposuction because for some people these are the most resistant to diet and exercise.

On the other hand the neck, cheek, knees, and calves are the most uncommon of the liposuction procedures. One advantage of these operations or non-surgical options is that they are among the least expensive of the liposuction procedures. The cost of any given work that's done can vary based on a wide variety  factors including geographic location, skill of the surgeon, number of areas being treated, and the size of the area being treated. For these reasons a minor touch up at say the cheeks or jowls will often cost far less than something for the hips or chest.

The sheer difference of area between these two parts of the body make it almost a certainty that there will be a noticeable price difference. 

One person's experience with liposuction

Different procedures that used to be unusual or different are more and more becoming the norm. From smart lipo to VASER techniques, it's impossible to ignore the radical changes that have taken place in this field.

For patients who want to know as much as possible

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Many more options to choose from

Fortunately for anyone considering a change, the techniques used in liposuction have also evolved massively over the course of its thirty year history. Original liposuction was extremely painful and often dangerous due to a high volume of blood loss. There was a reason early plastic surgery was considered risky even at the cosmetic level. Now not only are newer techniques much safer, but often times they are also much more effective. You might even find a perfect non-surgical way to get the results you've been wanting all along.

What are new techniques all about?

Newer cosmetic surgery techniques inject an anesthetic to reduce pain as well as epinephrine to constrict localized blood vessels and reduce blood loss during the cosmetic procedure. Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance (VASER) liposuction, is the newest and one of the most popular techniques currently being marketed to potential patients. Not only are VASER procedures good for getting the desired appearance results, but it is very low impact compared to traditional lipo methods.

VASER lipo claims to reduce blood loss and surrounding tissue damage even more than the industry standard of tumescent liposuction, or UAL (ultrasonic assisted liposuction). Obviously less damage and a quicker recovery are both extremely high selling points that are going to win a lot of supporters. This is one of the best methods to practice for individuals who want those results that come from liposuction, but also want to minimize the chances of any complications.

When shopping around for surgeons for these uncommon liposuction procedures make certain you're aware of which technique will be used and what the possible complications or side effects might be following treatment.

Know your non-surgical liposuction options

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