There are a lot of advantages to owning a pink mobile phone, even if your favorite color is not pink. When released, for instance, most new electronic items are straight black. Popularity is the key. Once they become more popular they then tend to branch out into different colors. If a pink version is available of the cell phone you want, you will almost certainly be able to replace it more easily should it break.

Pink is a really bright color. This is pretty handy in the event that you just happen to lose your cell phone. Despite its popularity among young girls, pink is not often used for furniture or carpets.

It's very much my view that the color pink is a young persons color and therefore more often than not is associated with more youthful folk. Mobile phones would most likely be designed by the manufacturer to withstand more punishment if they came in that particular color. This is because children and teenagers tend to be more careless.

Pink being a lighter shade of red may well have some of the effect that red does in warning us of impending danger. By owning a pink mobile you may well be able to reduce the amount of time you use your phone. While this might help if you are close to running out of minutes, it can also prevent you from making calls that may seem trivial but are actually important. As an example, you may well be positive you are due to have dinner at a certain time but you are not 100% sure, you might well not make a call because the color of your mobile phone is altogether too threatening. It may be safer to call in order to properly discover that dinner was to be at an alternative location. The white part of pink may well encourage this behaviour.

Despite not being an expert on fashion I am still able to envisage that a pink cell phone would be a fashion statement. I'm positive there are some ladies who are out there who have a habit of taking this too far and buy a mobile phone that matches each and every shade of lipstick that they have on their dressing table. My opinion, for what it is worth, is that ladies such as these should look for more useful ways to spend their time.

Gelett Burgess is one of my favorite poets. He wrote a famous poem which, if I recall correctly began, "I never saw a purple cow, I never hope to see one". Pink mobile phones would have been firmly placed in the "purple cow" section , prior to me doing the research for this article. As a result, having seen how useful a pink mobile phone is able to be I will remove from my "purple cow" list. I would expect to see one, one day. For me however, I still think the final line of Burgess' poem is most apt: "I'd rather see than be one."