New Engagement and Wedding Ring Designers

Just because you can’t afford a $100,000 diamond engagement ring doesn’t mean you can’t have one that’s unique, beautiful and memorable. Money shouldn’t get in the way of your desire to have a stunning but affordable engagement ring.

One way to ensure that your engagement ring is special is to have one that’s especially designed. Below are some jewellery designers that specialize in making custom or handmade rings. Their designs are unconventional. If you are expecting a princess cut with a single stone, they are not the designers for you. They create designs that are different and they can suggest stones or gems that may not be as expensive as Jennifer Aniston’s 16K diamond engagement ring but looks gorgeous nonetheless.

Hurry and call these designers before they become super successful and become super expensive.

Anna Bario and Page Neal

good but affordable Engagement Ring Designers(115179)

Anna Bario and Page Neal own the Bario-Neal jewelry store. They make all their pieces through hand.

good but affordable Engagement Ring Designers(115176)Design Style: Bario and Neal are environmentalists. They create pieces using reclaimed materials and certified environmentally-friendly sourced. Their designs reflect their principles. It’s very “earthy”. They are simple. They usually include a single design element to perk it up. They have big band wedding rings that contain a single short blue stripe to break the monotony of a platinum ring. They also have big band wedding rings that are not smooth because they are made of rgood but affordable Engagement Ring Designers(115177)eclaimed metals.

They have engraved wedding bands but their designs also include “natural” elements like leaves.

Other Things to Consider: They use reclaimed precious metals, conflict-free diamonds, re-sold gems and metals, recycled gems (jewelleries that were resold by the owner), gems and metals that were certified to have used eco- and human-friendly process to mine and process, and other eco-friendly materials.

Beth Ann Beleck

good but affordable Engagement Ring Designers(115181)Beleck designs fashion jewelleries. Her pieces are very affordable. It can go as low as $10. However, her designs truly show her potential.

Design Style: They are very feminine, colorful and intricate. Most of her pieces have three colors and most of them use a fading technique. That means the colors slowly transitions from one color to another.

You also have a sense of how she thinks. She is not the kind that will good but affordable Engagement Ring Designers(115180)stay with the usual wedding ring designs. She is most likely going to do something with intricate shapes. She also has a knack for paring colors you would never thought will work together.  

Other Things to Consider: She actually specializes in glass designs. However, it’s worth giving her a call to ask her. The intricacy of her designs will look good on rings.


Martha Sullivan

Martha Sullivan is a new and veteran jewellery designer. For such a long time, she has been designing jewelleries as a hobby and didn’t have any plans of expanding… until recently.

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Design Style: Her pieces are characterized by several things. One, she has a penchant for using architectural principles. That’s why her pieces have odd shapes as a design element. She also like combining vintage design elements with modern design elements. She can use one color but have different shades to give rings and other jewels a vintage feel. Then, she puts in interesting shapes and mould the metal in a different, even eclectic way, for the modern part.

good but affordable Engagement Ring Designers(115188)Other things To Consider: Her main strength is in shaping metals. She can shape them in odd ways. If you want a unique big band wedding ring, you can approach her. If you want her to design your engagement ring, expect something vintage looking with a hinge of modern element.



Dara Ettinger

Dara Ettinger is more established than the other designers on this list. Her pieces are being sold on different sites like Etsy and Max & Chloe.

good but affordable Engagement Ring Designers(115183)

Design Style: Her designs are eclectic feminine. She uses a lot of bright feminine colors like pink and red. However, she always cut her gems in a different way or put them together in a way that create a design that could very well remind of you of fireworks. The colors are bright and grand and big and different and unpredictable. The one thing about her is that the eclecticism of her pieces is visible in the entire piece. Even the shape of the engagement band or wedding band can be shaped in an eclectic way.

good but affordable Engagement Ring Designers(115185)It is also notable that she is pretty prolific in terms of price. She has pieces that is worth less than $50 and others are worth more than $10,000.

Other Things to Consider: Like the other designers here, she doesn’t usually create engagement and wedding rings. This is the whole idea, of course. You will get a really unique take on your ring. She also doesn’t have her own online shop. You can, however, visit her website and contact her directly.


Shane Yamane

Shane Yamane is a blacksmith. He is one of the few in the country and he is just starting out. In fact, his online shop is still under construction. Yet, his designs are being eagerly awaited after giving the media several samples.

good but affordable Engagement Ring Designers(115192)

Design Style: Her design is a fusion of Asian, vintage, and modern elements. As mentioned, he is a blacksmith. He makes all his pieces by hand which also means whatever you will end up having is a unique piece and very personal too. In Japan, blacksmiths are snobs. They don’t just sell their pieces, it has to be made for a very special reason on a very special occasion to a very special person. To have one in the country is a rare opportunity.

good but affordable Engagement Ring Designers(115193)Other Things to Consider: His site is not yet operational. Go there and you will get his email. He explicitly says he is open for freelance work which means you can contact him for a design. He lives in New York. If you are near the area or can fly to New York to meet him, do it. His store is called One Stone.


Lisa Wells

Lisa Wells owns the shop Reliquiae Jewelry. It has an online shop but it’s still under construction. However, she is open for business already.

good but affordable Engagement Ring Designers(115190)

Design Style: Her designs are very dark. She treats metals to have darker colors. Many goth couples will like her. She can also come up nice designs for rockstars. One advantage of her design is how she is able to make the gem pop out. Putting a glimmering gem against a dark metal will really make the gem shine. She also create intricate patterns for the ring band itself. She creates knots and also shapes the metal to surround the gem with an interesting pedestal.

good but affordable Engagement Ring Designers(115191)Other Things to Consider: Her designs have been featured in countless magazines and TV shows. She might be more expensive than other designers on the list. Check out her designs on her online store.


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