Letting people know what your business is about online is not much different than doing so in offline media.  Where your tactics must vary is in appealing to the search engines. That’s when your keywords play an important role.  New customers who have never heard of your business before will discover your website by arriving there through search. They won’t be searching for your brand name; they will be typing in queries describing what they are looking for. Those queries make up the keyword list for your niche and if you want to capture you niche audience, you’ll want to incorporate niche keywords into your domain name.

If your business is local, you can improve your chances of ranking locally by incorporating local keywords into your domain. Your domain may consist of a combination of a niche keyword and a town, city or state keyword.

Depending on the competition in your niche and the price range you can afford, you might find yourself having to combine your keywords with a unique brand name to find an available domain. In the event this is the case, you will either be working with an existing brand name or be trying to identify one. If you do not already have one, your goal will be to identify a name that is catchy, easy to spell and easy to remember.

Your challenge is to find an available domain that is within your price range and accomplishes the above. Your search will begin with a list of keywords related to your niche and, if applicable, a list of towns and cities in your area where you do business.

When you use a domain search tool, you will begin by plugging in your keywords and then selecting filtering options. You can sort by price, domain extension and category, filtering out the less desirable results such as hyphenated domains or domains with numerals.  

In the process of looking for a business domain, you’ll also want to secure your social handles. Even if you don’t have plans to make use of them immediately, the sooner you secure your unique social pages, the sooner you can increase their visibility and have them come up in search results for your domain as opposed to results unrelated to your business coming up in search results when people look for your business.

When you have a list of possible domains before you, you’ll want to get feedback from others. If a lot of people like a name, your website visitors probably will, too.