Stock Outlook for 2013

The stock market has always been a volatile place to trade in. But this is the very nature of stocks which has made people plenty of money. Being knowledgeable enough in stocks can help you make a good enough profit even for stocks under $20/share. While stocks will always have some level of risk, the best 2013 stocks are those that have had a solid performance coupled with news of expansion or increase in operations.

 While there are many stocks under $20/share, not all are expected to perform well. In order to protect your investment, it is often advised to diversify and buy several stocks from different companies. However, if you are willing to take some risk, there is also great chance for payoffs in the stock market. The stocks under $20/share are a balanced lot, meaning they may not hold too much risk and are expected to perform well.

Best 2013 Stocks

 The following list shows stocks under $20/share which you would definitely want to take a look at. These are expected to be some of the best 2013 stocks, so keep an eye out for their development and performance in the stock market.

Groupon (GRPN)

1. – While its IPO price of $20 has fallen to its current price of around $5, this company is projected to grow and rebound in the next year. Its service as a deal and discount site will continue to attract both investors and customers. It is a company whose stocks under $20/share may prove to be a good buy.

Caribou Coffee Company (CBOU)

2.  – a coffee company traded in NASDAQ that is second only to Starbucks. It has even out        performed its number one rival in terms of revenue increase. Coming in at about $16 a share, this is on of the best 2013 stocks as more people are expected to keep coming back for their caffeine fix.

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Trinity Biotech (TRIB)

3. – this health diagnostics company has seen good earnings in its revenue and has been a solid buy over at NASDAQ. They make diagnostic products which can be administered and read directly in the presence of the patient as well as traditional laboratory diagnostic products. It is a multinational company as well, and they market their products to several countries abroad. Very good buy at $14/share.

Research in Motion (RIM)

 4. – the Blackberry manufacturer has faced tough times with its competitors over at Apple and Android. The Blackberry community however still remains strong. Plans of expansion and further development are underway. And at around $14, they are projected to increase in the next year to very attractive heights. While its stock is under $20/share, it may be a good time to buy and invest in RIM.

Nokia (NOK)

5. – once the pioneer in mobile phone manufacturing, it has lagged a lot behind competitors such as Apple and Samsung. But Nokia continues to make mobile phones in different platforms, including the Windows Phone. It is currently traded at less than $5 per share but growth is excepted to increase a lot next year making it one of the best 2013 stocks to keep an eye on.

Playing Your Cards Right

  • How to Find The Right Financial AdvisorCredit: Dean EvansChoose Performance over Price – performance, whether actual or projected should be the driver of your stock of choice. There are plenty of stocks under $20/share and while you will see plenty of them rise and fall, it is important to know that the company’s actual work will determine its worth at the end of the day.
  • Diversify – the best 2013 stocks are yours to choose from. But don’t just stick to one. Diversifying by buying several different stocks will help spread the risk. Like you have probably heard... it never pays to put all your eggs in one basket.  When you are investing, remember to think about Enron and how many people lost because they didn't diversify at all.  While some of your stocks may take a dive, some will perform very well.  Don't get caught up in the popularity trends because you wished that you had bought Microsoft when it was at $50/share.  Diversifying your portfolio can help align you for a positive future and make you profit at the end of the day.    So ask yourself, are you diversified enough? 
  • Buckle Up – if you’re a hedge fund type of trader then you will live day-by-day watching and trading stocks, buying and selling at a moments notice. If you’re an ordinary investor then you will need to buckle up and go along for the ride. If you made the right choice, your stock will still come out good even if it does seemingly lose a lot of value.
  • Study Up – It pays to learn.  When you invest in any stock, you should know what you are buying into.  But it’s not just on popularity of stock.  It is wise to learn what is truly going on underneath the skin of the company.  Ask questions to yourself to learn such as: Who is running the company?  How long have they been CEO?  What is the future direction of this company?  These questions can help teach align your own strategies with your future strategies.  Knowing the overall whereabouts of the company is vital to your success as a shareholder and also to the company itself. 

The stock market is something to be wary of, but also something you can make money out of. Knowledge is truly king when it comes to investing in stocks.  While it is true that you could make millions overnight through trading, for ordinary traders and investors, making a modest gain of around 20% per year would be a very good return on investment.   Check out these and more stocks under $20/share to know more about their company’s plans for 2013. The New Year always brings a hopeful and bullish mood to investors, and you may just hit a jackpot with the best 2013 stocks out there.