Under Armour has done it again. I don't know how they do it, but they always seem to think up another way to revolutionize the way that we look at the clothes we wear. I am the kind of person who is always outside, it doesn't matter how hot, cold or wet it is, I am outside.

Under Armour's new product is called charged cotton. Charged cotton is a variation on the  world's most comfortable fabric, cotton. What Under Armour has done is created the first performance cotton. This fabric is designed to dry much fast, wick moisture away from your skin more completely, and not cling to your body when it is wet. This makes for one great undershirt, or an everyday shirt for just about anyone.

Charged cotton comes in a variety of styles and colors. Here are a few of the models that are available to the public:

  • Men's Charged Cotton Short Sleeve: This is the charged cotton in a short-sleeved short for men. It can be worn as an undershirt, or it is nice enough to be worn alone as well. This lightweight and loose-fitting shirt comes in a total of 15 colors and styles and 6 sizes.
  • Woman's Charged Cotton Crew: Under Armour does not forget about the fact that ladies also appreciate a shirt with these qualities. The woman's crew comes in a total of 11 colors and 4 sizes.
  • Woman's charged Cotton Capri: This is a Capri that is designed with the very active lady in mind. Built for training, the Capri comes in a total of 3 colors and 3 sizes. It also features lightweight, 4-way stretch construction, giving you mobility that you never dreamed possible.
  • Woman's Charged Cotton Hoodie: This hoodie will give active ladies the advantages of having a hoodie coupled with the charged cotton. This is for the very athletic lady who is always on the go and doesn't have time to stop because her shirt has become wet. This lightweight and breathable hoodie comes in 2 colors and 5 sizes.
  • Men's Charged Cotton Shorts: These are comfortable, athletic shorts that are designed for the guy who loves to participate in active sports such as basketball, racquetball, etc.  These lightweight and breathable shorts come in a total of 2 colors and 5 sizes.
  • Woman's Charged Cotton 4" Shorts: This lightweight and breathable shorts are also designed for the active lady. They come in a total of 6 colors and 5 sizes.
  • Boy's Charged Cotton Short Sleeve Shirt: Under Armour has also not forgotten about the boys. This lightweight and breathable shirt comes in 4 colors and 5 sizes.
  • Women's Charged Cotton Plunge V Neck: This is another woman's shirt that is designed for the woman who is on the go constantly. With the charged cotton technology, this shirt will keep you nice and dry.

Under Armour's charged cotton is truly a revolution in cotton this makes cotton so that it will not stick to you if you become wet. It also wick moisture away from your skin better than most fabrics. So now you have the comfort of cotton and the advantages of a fabric that wicks moisture.

Under Armour womens V-Neck T-shirtCredit: underarmour.comCredit: underarmour.com