If you love to cook with your favourite cookbooks, but hate how messy the pages can end up, then you should consider an under cabinet cookbook holder.  These are a great way to have the recipe at eye level and yet off the counter where most of the mess is!

If you love to bake and spread everything out all over the counter which then means your cookbook is in the line of the debris field of flour, sugar and everything else, then this is a great way to extend the life of your recipe books.

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This cookbook holder is a well-made USA maple wood product that hinges and adjusts to allow for the pages to turn on even your thickest cookbooks.  It not only adjusts for the thickness of the books but also you can adjust the angle to the right one for you.

You can now quickly glance at your cookbook while putting together a great meal or baking that perfect pie without having your recipe in the middle of the mess.  This means you can spread out more on your counter while you cook or bake.

This under cabinet cookbook holder also closes and is out of the way when not in use.  It would suit any kitchen and it also comes with spacers that allow for thinner upper cabinet shelves when attaching the unit.

Using the space just under the upper cabinets is a great way to gain room for everything from this beautiful cookbook holder to coffee pots, can openers, wine glass racks and more.  There are many appliances and other gadgets on the market now that can take full advantage of this little used space.

It gets things off the counter or out of the cabinets, saving you precious space.  This is really important in kitchens where space is at a premium or cabinet space is limited. 

We all enjoy the gadgets in our lives now and can’t even imagine not having a coffee maker, microwaves or other small appliances that we have come to depend on in our busy lives.

So utilizing this space is like adding another shelf.  The under cabinet cookbook holder is one more great gadget that helps the cooking or baking experience by not getting our recipes full of the ingredients or having to crane our necks to see just where we were again with the book across the room.

You can adjust this holder so that it is at your eye level, and then you won’t lose your place the same way you would with the book laying out in the next room or on the table.  This is perfect if you just need to glance at it while working away.

You can get these at many fine kitchen stores, but you can also get an under cabinet cookbook holder online at sites such as Amazon.  This is a good quality USA made product that installs easily and looks good in any kitchen, and folds away neatly when not in use.

Under Cabinet Cookbook Holder

Under Cabinet Cookbook Holder
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You will love just how easy these are to use.