If you love the Keurig coffee system but don’t have the counter space or the cabinet space to store the Keurig k-cups then the under cabinet k-cup holder would work well for you if you have upper cabinets in your kitchen.

This storage system does not require any tools or drilling it uses a strong glue system by 3M to carefully hold the storage shelf in place.  This unit holds 24 k-cups, but you can also get a bigger one that will fit 36 that fits under corner cabinets.

Under Cabinet K-Cup HolderCredit: Amazon.com

Easy to Install K-Cup Holder

Coffee Keepers Under Cabinet K-Cup Holder (608938498274)
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(price as of Sep 30, 2015)

It swings down with ease and then swings back up out of the way and stays there until you want to brew a coffee or special drink again.  This was designed and made in the USA for the Keurig system and is a brilliant idea for keeping your k-cups clean, safe and sound.

This would also make the perfect gift, as I have seen many people with those k-cups stacked up on the counter or in counter top storage displays, but those are fine if you have a lot of counter top area, but many people do not, and the idea of using the wasted space just under the upper cabinets totally makes sense.

You can quickly look and decide which flavour you want without having to pick through a pile of them, and when you purchase your package of refills, you can quickly unload them into this Keurig under cabinet k-cup holder that is designed to be just the right size.

Once you have chosen your k-cup you can quickly close the storage unit and you can barely see it and it keeps the counter top and your cabinets tidy.

This Drawer Will Sit Under Your Coffee Machine

DecoBros K-cup Storage Drawer Holder for Keurig K-cup Coffee Pods
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(price as of Sep 30, 2015)

If you do not have the space or ability to attach an under cabinet k-cup holder then there is this other option which is a sturdy drawer.  Your Keurig system sits on top of this drawer to save space. 

As many people downsize or choose to have smaller spaces, having to find a place for all our conveniences that we don’t want to do without can be a challenge.  But by utilizing the space just under the upper cabinets, you will find that many retailers are now creating small appliances that will fit quite snuggly and out of the way by using that under cabinet space.

As single serving coffees and other hot drinks become more popular, then you are faced with the storage of these supplies.  This under cabinet k-cup holder is just one more great idea for keeping your counter top clear and free of clutter, and yet still have them convenient to use.

The reviews for this product are very good, with one purchaser writing that she purchased two of them so that her husband could have his own selection!

You can get the counter top displays or simply have the boxes of different k-cups all over the counter (like my friends do) or you can get them organized and off the counter and ready, especially for that morning coffee!

You can get a Keurig under cabinet holder at stores that sell the Keurig system, but you can also get this unit online at sites such as Amazon.  You can also purchase this in a larger size that fits under the corner unit if you have one. 

Get your k-cups organized with this great system.