When kitchen space is at a premium you need to use every nook and cranny, so if you love to cook then using an under cabinet spice rack makes life that bit easier when working in a smaller space.

Many people will have a cabinet dedicated to all their spices, and many times these are over 3 shelves and things end up right at the back never to be seen again until moving day when you discover you have 3 of the same spice!

Under Cabinet Spice RackCredit: Amazon.com

Spice-n-Store Spice Rack (White) (2.5"H x 23.5"W x 4.125"D)

Having spices handy and ready is a great way to stay organized while cooking.  The idea of an under cabinet spice rack works well as you can see the lids of the jars at eye level and they are positioned to make it easier to simply grab and then put back when you are done.

No more fumbling with that rickety stool, or climbing on the counter to see if you still have any coriander or whatever spice you are looking for in those far reaches of the kitchen cabinets.

This set utilizes the area right underneath the upper cabinets, or even shelves if you have the open plan setup in your kitchen.  It comes with the jars so you can simply pour your spices into each jar and label them ready to go.

Most cooks have their favourite spices and those are usually at the front of most cabinets or lined up at the back of the stove, or all over the counter top.  This spice rack does not sit on the counter and does not take up room in a cabinet.  It simply sits right below the upper cabinet and is ready to go right from the box.

It is easy to install, and would make a great gift for anyone downsizing into a smaller space or even your first place.

When cabinet space is at a premium, or even counter space, then getting as much off the counter or out of the cabinets as you can without looking cluttered can be hard to do, but by investing in under the cabinet appliances, such as coffee pots, microwaves, can openers and more, you don’t need to have a cabinet garage anymore!

You can have everything you need right at your fingertips ready to go.  As more and more people downsize and have to get used to smaller spaces and especially kitchens, you have to get a bit creative with all the conveniences.  No one wants to have to fumble in the hall closet to get the coffee pot out, or have to create a garage for the other appliances!

You want your kitchen streamlined and organized, and you want the food and dishes in the cabinets, not all the small appliances.  The same with spices, you want them ready and on hand to add a dash or whatever you fancy into that dinner you are cooking. 

This particular under cabinet spice rack is white and very streamlined and chic looking.  With all the jars the same it makes the kitchen look less cluttered.  You can get these at most kitchen supply stores but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon.

Shopping online can be a great way to find a larger assortment and comparable prices, plus you get the benefit of having it delivered right to your door.

Under Cabinet Spice Rack