When space is an issue, using an under cabinet wine glass rack is a great way to not only store your stemmed wine glasses but a great place to show them off. 

There are some pretty chic and trendy glasses on the market now to go along with some of those trendy bottles of wine, but just where do you store them?  Many are quite large and/or tall, some almost the size of fish bowls!

Trying to fit those in a regular kitchen cabinet can be trying as they will take up all the shelf space especially if they are tall or wide.

Under Cabinet Wine Glass RackCredit: Amazon.com

Large Under Cabinet Stemware Rack

Well this is where a wine glass rack comes in handy.  This particular one is sleek and chrome which gives it a more modern feel and it installs quickly under any top cabinet or even shelving systems.  It will hold up to 18 glasses, and does not interfere with your counter space. 

Not only do you now have more cabinet space (if you were trying to store them in the cabinets alongside the juice glasses!) but your counter is free and clear and they look nice and uniform.

This particular stemware rack has good reviews, and many people are happy with the idea of storing their wine glasses in this fashion.  They are ready when you are!  The hardware is included with this rack, so it is ready out of the package.

If you love to invite friends over for glasses of wine, and had resorted to storing your wine glasses in a box in the closet (like me!) then installing something like this would make a wonderful addition to your kitchen, or wherever you serve your wine.

This way you can get the glasses you like and now have a place to store and display them. 

So, if you are downsizing, or starting out in your very own apartment and find the kitchen space tiny, then you have to get creative with your storage.  You can switch to under cabinet appliances, such as coffee makers, can openers, microwaves and more to save you the room, and now you don’t have to give up your favourite wine glasses simply because cabinet space is at a premium.

The area just under those top cabinets is actually wasted space, and with some of the newer slim lined and sleek appliances you can now get, you can utilize that space better.  Now the same goes for your entertainment glasses.  Most kitchen cabinets do not fit wide mouthed wine glasses very well.  At best you would fit maybe 2 per shelf in a slim cabinet, so by using a wine rack you can now utilize the space better and keep your cabinets for cooking supplies.

You can get this wine glass rack in wine stores and some kitchen stores, but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon for a good price.  This would also make a great gift idea for that wine lover.

Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack

Large Under Cabinet Stemware Rack
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perfect for creating more counter space.