If you have a very small kitchen space, then using a under counter mount toaster oven is a great way to free up room on your counter top, but still have the conveniences of a toaster oven.

There are many different models of toaster ovens on the market now, some sit on your counter and can do everything from toast your bagel to roasting a chicken, such as one offered by Black n Decker.  These styles are great if you are trying to replace the traditional oven in a small space such as a dorm or compact kitchen.


Under Mount Toaster Oven

BLACK+DECKER Space Maker Digital Toaster Oven, Stainless Steel/Black
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(price as of Mar 30, 2016)

But, if you simply want something much smaller, that can replace your traditional toaster and still heat up a 9 inch pizza and other snack foods, then getting one that can be installed under a cabinet is a great way to create room in your kitchen.

This can replace the toaster that takes up room on your counter top.  This Spacemaker toaster oven comes with mounting plates to firmly mount your toaster under the upper cabinets, or even an upper shelf.

This puts the under counter mount toaster oven at eye level as well, making it easier to watch your toast or pizza.  It doesn’t heat up the cabinet, so no fears of that, but it does a fast job of toasting your 4 slices of bread or bagels fast.

So, if you have a small space in your kitchen and you are looking for something that can do mo
re than simply toast such as a toaster, then consider getting a toaster oven.  This way you get a small appliance that can do multiple jobs so that you don’t need to have a specific appliance for each job.

Some kitchens are outfitted with every gadget possible for whatever food job comes along, but unless you have huge cabinet space to house all these small appliances, you need to consider your space and just how much room you have for these.

They are very economical especially when it comes to simply heating up a small pizza or meat pie for example.  You would have to preheat a regular sized oven and then wait for it to heat up the entire oven space to your required temperature for such a small item which is a waste of electricity. 

If you regularly like to heat up a small item for a meal or even a small frozen dinner,  then consider using a under counter mount toaster oven.   Not only will it heat up quickly but it will   save your preparation room on your counter.

If your kitchen only needs to support one or two people, then these smaller appliances make perfect sense.  They do not waste the electricity needed to heat up the larger units, and they offer dual purposes.  You can get many compact appliances that work in small spaces, and you can also get ones that can make up for the lack of a traditional oven too.

Take a look online and see all the different small appliances that are for sale, and see if you can find one that will work perfectly in your small space.