Under Counter Wine Fridge:

Integrated Wine Coolers

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If you enjoy more than the occasional bottle of wine, and you're looking for a great way to increase your collection, add space to your common use fridge, and really spruce up the look and modernity of your kitchen, you should consider installing an under counter wine refrigerator. These integrated wine coolers are a fantastic option for holding a ton of wine bottles neatly and safely, and they look great!

This article will talk about what you can expect to run into in your project to install an under counter wine fridge in your home, and talk about all of the issues you might run into. We'll discuss different types, styles and models of under counter wine refrigerators and coolers, to show you some of the options out there. We'll talk about price and what you can expect to spend for a finished, working unit.


Why Get An Under Counter Wine Fridge?

If you're wondering what the point of an under counter wine fridge in a home is, you're not crazy. Yes wine can be stored in many different places, and the household fridge works just fine to keep your favored beverage cool and ready to drink. But there are some distinct advantages to under counter wine coolers that make them worthwhile for a lot of people.

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Under counter wine refrigerators are great for storage purposes. If you're the type of person who likes to have a good selection of wine on hand for various occasions, you'll know that storing them safely and efficiently can be an issue. An integrated wine fridge keeps your bottles all in once place in a compact, safe, neat and convenient location: usually your kitchen! When the mood strikes to crack open a select vintage, you just have to take a few steps from the dining room. 

Wine Temperature:

Your household refrigerator works hard night and day to keep your food cool, but it's not a specialized unit. It keeps an ideal temperature for most food items. The fact is, this is usually either too cool or too warm for most wines. An under the counter wine refrigerator is specially designed to keep wines at optimum temperatures. This not only preserves the bottles better, it makes sure that when you open and enjoy them, the flavor and bouquet will be shown to its best advantage.


Most under counter wine fridge units are pretty attractive. Regardless of the size or the particular application, they will really improve the look of your kitchen space. Most come with glass doors so you can admire the bottles inside. You can get them in all sorts of colors, with stainless steel, black and white being most popular (to match most kitchen color schemes). For the modern home, an integrated wine cooler takes it to that next level.


Under Counter Wine Cooler Prep

In order to install your under counter wine cooler, you'll need to be prepared to do a bit of work. Installing them is similar to installing a dishwasher, albeit a bit easier. You'll need to do some exact measurement with the fridge of your choice, and make sure that it will fit well under the counter you have in mind. Many under the counter wine refrigerators have adjustable feet so you can raise or lower the height slightly. The width, of course, cannot be altered, so try to be as exact as you can. 

The best way to install is to remove existing cupboards and shelves from the location and place the integrated wine cooler in its place. You'll need to make sure there's a way to run the power cable to an outlet. Most of them run off of a standard power plug. 

To make it appear sleek and finished, you don't want very much space showing between the unit and the walls on either side and the countertop above. Many under counter beverage coolers come with cover plating to hide any large gaps with smooth stainless steel. 


What To Expect

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There are so many different shapes, sizes and quality levels when it comes to integrated under counter wine coolers, so we can't generalize the price tag involved with them. It generally rises depending on how many bottles you want to hold. Very small 9 bottle units, for example, can cost only a few hundred dollars. Larger 40, 60 and 80 bottle ones will be much more. 

You'll pay extra for quality fit and finish. Some units come with digital display of temperature and remote controls, these will up the price as well. For a decent sized under counter wine refrigerator you can expect to pay around $1000, excluding the cost of installation. If you're handy you can install it yourself, otherwise you'll be required to pay a handiman for any modifications required to get it into place. 

Once in place, under counter wine coolers will run quietly and efficiently for many years. Because they don't see as much opening and shutting as household fridges, the power bill should be quite reasonable for these appliances. 

Good Luck!