If finding accessible storage is an issue in your bedroom, then take a look at that dark space under your bed.

I don’t mean that you should throw more stuff under there, but if organized it can be easy to access and can open up an entire area to store your things.

If you love your shoes, then you know how hard it can be to store them.  You may have a pile growing at the back door, the hall closet, or in the corner of your room, and some may have been kicked under the bed never to be seen again.

Shoes can be very difficult to store as some are bulky.  But if you take the time and invest in some under bed the storage containers that suit your “storage personality” then all your efforts will pay off.  Just what is “storage personality”?  This refers to the items that tend to pile up in your room. 

It could be clothes, or shoes, or hats, or scarves, but once you figure out the biggest culprits when it comes to storing in such a way that you can have access, then you are half way there to really getting organized and feeling in control again. 

Step 1 – Take Inventory

Take a look at your closet, under your bed, or overflowing dressers and decide what the biggest issue is when it comes to finding a home for all your things.  If you really want to get organized, then you need to figure out which items are causing the most problems.

Once you have figured it out, then you can use under the bed storage for things like “off season clothes” in which case you would purchase a container that is perfect for your clothes, and once you have washed and dried them you can put them away until next season.  (Always wash and dry them well before storing for a season or two).

But if you need something that you can get at every few days or even every day, then you need a container that comes out easily from under your bed.  Such as a drawer on wheels, this could house hats, purses, shoes, or anything you want.

If shoes are your issues, then you can get containers specifically designed for shoe storage, especially when it comes to finding a great home for those awesome sandals in the middle of the winter.  This way they won’t get ruined or stepped on as they migrated their way to the back of your closet once the summer was over.

Step 2 – Clean

I know this sounds boring, but there is no other way around this.  You have to get down on your hands and knees and start hauling everything out from under there or bribe someone else to do this job.  Everything comes out, you will be amazed at what you might find.

Once you have it laying all around you on the floor, start throwing out things that are garbage and get a bag to use for donations.  If those shoes have seen better days, then get rid of them now.  Vacuum or dust under there so that you are starting with a clean slate.

under the bed shoe storageCredit: Amazon.com
Pro-Mart DAZZ Underbed Shoe Storage with Cedar, Canvas
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Under the Bed Shoe Storage

This particular container also has cedar inserts to keep your shoes smelling fresh and a zippered top to keep them dust free, and this way there are 12 compartments where you can keep them together.  Just think how great that will be that both pairs will actually be found together when the summer comes.

Just give your shoes a quick clean with a cloth and then put them away in a container such as this one.

By using this type of storage, you will free up your closet for the shoes you wear now.  Once the next season arrives, then you can change them out.  If you own a lot of shoes, then maybe you might want to invest in a few of these.  They can sit side by side and out of sight until next year.

under the bed storageCredit: Amazon.com
Household Essentials Underbed Storage Chest, Coffee Linen
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Seasonal Clothes

If you closet or dresser is bursting at the seams because of excess clothes, but you really don’t want to part with any of them, then it is time to organize some seasonal storage for your clothes.  Take the ones you are now wearing right now and purchase a container that can house freshly washed and folded tops and sweaters or whichever you wish to store and put them under the bed until next year.

This will free up your dresser and closet.  So, take a Saturday when you are not rushed or stressed and it is natural daylight and take this time to organize your closet too.  There is actually a snowball effect to this organizing.  As one area gets cleaned the others will follow as they are all intertwined and connected. 

Go through your closet and take out all your clothes, then put them back based on the season and if you are likely to wear them.  If not, then put them in a donation bag.  Then separate out your seasonal clothes and store them in under bed containers.

under bed storage drawersCredit: Amazon.com
Set of 2 Under Bed Storage Drawers - Rolling Organizers
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Under the Bed Storage Drawers

If you need to access this storage every day, then getting a wooden drawer such as this one on wheels would be perfect.  You just grab it and pull and then push it back under when finished.  This is perfect for tiny spaces where there simply is not enough storage or you don’t have room for a dresser.

Depending on how large your bed is, you could have four of these.  Two on each side for massive storage making it easy to grab the things you need.

If you don’t invest in the right under the bed storage containers, then you are not likely to use it.  So, really think about the things you would like to keep under there and how accessible it will be for you.  Having something on wheels is easy if you need to get at it every day.