Underarms stains or dark skin in the armpits are a common problem among many people. While you may have the perfect bikini body, the dark stains under your arms may put a bit of a downer on showing yourself off at the beach. This condition can be cause by a lot of things. for some people, it is in their genetics. For others it can be caused by dead skin cells, hyper-pigmentation, shaving and excess sweating. However, most commonly, this is caused by excess use of antiperspirant and deodorant. Which is a streak of unluckiness for people who over-sweat, as it leads to using more of those products. Whatever the cause, it is always embarrassing, but never fear there are a variety of ways to fix this issue.

whitening underarms

Remove the Dead Skin

For those who may suffer underarm darkness because of dead skin cells, the obvious thing to do is to remove them. Before you break out the pumice stone or sand paper, why not try some milk? The lactic acid in milk and other dairy products is actually fantastic for exfoliating. In that way, it is also great for lightening skin. The Lactic acid removes the layers of dead skin revealing younger skin cells that has not been exposed to darkening chemicals, thus it is lighter skin.

Simply apply some milk via cotton ball, allow to dry for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash away. Alternatively, you can also use some natural unsweetened yogurt. Apply, allow to dry, then rinse away. It may take a couple of days to yield results, but yogurt works faster as it has a thicker consistency.

Hydrogen Peroxide

That's right, peroxide is not just for turning your hair an unnatural shade of blonde anymore. When used in the proper concentration on skin it can be incredibly helpful. If you can find a peroxide that is 3 to 4% concentration, it is safe to use on directly on your skin. This is actually the usual concentration the product is sold as in stores, so unless you are using medical grade peroxide, your are safe. Don't just open the bottle and start spritzing it on though, that will just leave you with very strangely streaked underarms, equally as embarrassing if not more so as dark underarms. Make sure when you apply it, it is fully absorbed into a cotton ball that will not leak and leave stripes. Allow it to dry and then rinse off. With this remedy, you can see results almost instantly, thus why streaking is such a worry. So if you do not feel like waiting for milk or the other remedies to work, this is the way to go.

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Lemon has been an age old skin lightening remedy. It's natural and it's safe. This makes it a great go-to for those who have skin too sensitive for peroxide or skin whitening creams. This method also helps remove dead skin cells, so you may discover that the dead skin is part of your problem. Clearing up your dark under arms is simple with this method. Just slice up some lemon, rub the slices over the affected area, let dry and rinse off. You can also do this procedure with lemon juice on a cotton ball. I am unsure if there is a difference between fresh squeezed lemon juice or the juice that comes in bottles. After applying this, you should notice results within a few days. An added bonus is the super smooth underarm skin you will develop.

Use Natural Deodorant Alternatives

For most people, the cause of dark underarms is the harsh skin harming chemicals found in deodorant products. So when treating dark underarms, the obvious course of action is to get to the source and stamp it out. However, it is really quite culturally unacceptable to NOT wear deodorant these days. Especially if you work in close quarters with others, it is just common curtsey.

So instead, why not invest yourself in finding and alternative to the chemicals. Finding a natural alternative doesn't necessarily mean stuffing herbs under your arms either. Body odor is not caused by the sweat that comes out of our skin, it is essentially just water, body odor is cause by the sweat growing the bacteria on our skin. This bacteria gives way to the stink we smell, so naturally the way to fight odor is to fight the bacteria.

Instead of harsh chemicals, try smearing some baking soda dissolved in water, this will neutralize odor all day long. Another natural way to improve your smell is to try essential oil. These are oils distilled naturally from aromatic plants. The oil is also mixed with a little bit of alcohol. This is a remedy for smelling nice and killing stink causing bacteria on the skin. Many herbs are also naturally able to kill bacteria, so it is a double whammy. I would recommend lavender as it is a particularly stress relieving odor when used for aromatherapy. So, people may find you more attractive because you have such a calming effect on them.

Be wary about essential oils though, some people have adverse reactions to them when they are placed on the skin. best to as a small drop on your skin first and watch for a rash before just slathering on the oils.

Cosmetic Whiteners

If you want a quick fix and don't particularly care what chemical whiteners do to your skin, cosmetic whiteners are the way to go. There are literally thousands of skin whitening products to choose from, however there is one thing you should absolutely avoid in whiteners. Avoid any products that contain hydroquinone. This chemical has been linked to be cancer cause, but what doesn't cause cancer these days? Humor aside, it is serious enough to merit it being banned in many European countries due to this link. Fear not, though there are many of safe products to choose from that still work fantastically.

Since there are quite a few options to choose from, my recommendations are littered throughout this article. All of them safe for sensitive skin and hydroquinone free.