Rust. It's one of your vehicle's worst enemies. Yet most car owners pay no attention to it until it is too late. There are many options for stopping rust on your vehicle, but all of them require action before rust starts to form.


Undercoating involves the application of some type coating to protect the vulnerable steel parts of your vehicle. The most traditional option is oil-based undercoating, which goes on quite thick and oily. It provides decent protection, but must be re-applied every year. It can also be quite messy to perform any maintenance on a vehicle that has been sprayed with oil-based undercoating. A much more effective twist on oil-based undercoating is oil-wax hybrid undercoating. This type of undercoating blends oil and wax together, to provide the benefits of oil's ability to spread out to unreachable areas along with the durability of a wax coating. This option tends to be much more persistent than oil-based undercoating.

Another type of undercoating is rubberized undercoating. This option is only really practical for brand new vehicles or vehicles that have been completely refinished. Rubberized undercoating leaves a rubbery finish wherever it is sprayed, offering long term rust protection. However, it does not have the ability to move into unreachable places as oil-based undercoating does. Rubberized undercoating also comes with the added bonus of sound deadening, as the rubberized coating helps to absorb vibrations and decrease road noise.

Although somewhat similar to oil-based undercoating, Fluid Film is a great option for undercoating your vehicle. While it is somewhat more expensive than oil-based undercoating, it tends to do an even better job of creeping into areas that simply cannot be reached by spraying. It also offers longer lasting protection, as it resists washing away better than oil-based undercoating. And for the environmentally-minded people out there, Fluid Film is an eco-friendly product, made from lanolin (wool wax).

Electronic Rust Protection

Electronic rust protection is a much cleaner and cheaper alternative to sprayed-on rust protection. Electronic rust protection works by sending an electromagnetic current over all of the conductive metal parts of your car. Although many electronic rust protection products over the past 30 years have been scams, a few products do exist that actually provide effective rust protection, such as the Defender Plus Electromagnetic Corrosion Module. A major advantage of electronic rust control is that it does not have to be re-applied ever again. Once it is installed, your vehicle is protected for life. Electronic rust protection products allow you to avoid the mess of undercoating sprays, keeping the underside of your car from being a sticky, oily mess.  Another advantage is that reputable electronic rust protection companies will offer you a warranty, guaranteeing your vehicle against rust for a certain period of time (good companies offer 10 years on new vehicles, avoid products that offer any less than this). And for the environmentally-minded people out there, electronic rust protection is the most eco-friendly rust protection option, as it does not involve the release of any chemicals into the environment.

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