With more people looking to enjoy outdoor activities as a way to save money and spend more time with family, one of the more popular options that a home owner can have is to use an underdeck ceiling to expand their outdoor living area. If you have a porch under your deck or an area under the deck or sunroom on your home that you want to create a great outdoor living area, then keep reading.

An under deck ceiling is basically a ceiling or covering attached to the joists area. Often times when someone has a concrete patio under their deck, such as when they can use the basement door to exit under the deck, you can see the ceiling joists. While some people might not find this unusual, if it is raining outside, you aren't able to use this area for entertaining guests or spending time with family.

Under Deck Ceiling

Since more people are finding this economy tough to travel on vacation, spending money around the home to make it more of an entertainment area is becoming a popular option. Also, more people are not selling their homes to build or buy bigger or newer, but are spending their money to increase the value of their current homes.

An underdeck ceiling, or waterproof ceiling as it is also called, is a method of panels that attach to the underside of the deck joists. These panels are rigid and help to provide a waterproof shelter under the deck above it. Similar in appearance to vinyl siding, these underdeck systems have several advantages.

One of the biggest advantages is the fact that these systems provide the waterproofing from rain that a deck by itself can't. This will create an outdoor entertainment area that you can use and enjoy if it is raining outside. The rain channels in these systems can include gutters that will keep the water away from your home as well. So, while your neighbors were thinking about having a grill out with friends, you can now do so easily!

Most of these systems are rather easy to install with a few basic tools, such as a powersaw, hammer, level and ladder. One of the biggest things to remember is that you want to make sure that they structure of the deck itself is strong enough to be able to fully support the panels and parts of the underdeck system of your choice. If you install an underdeck ceiling yourself, plan on it taking a few days, even with help as there are several steps and lots of different things that you need to do before actually mounting the panels to the joists. There are some people that have used vinyl siding in an effort to go "cheap" in creating their own system, however as they found out on the first heavy rain or freeze in the winter, vinyl doesn't hold up, isn't rated for the weight and can pose a hazard to anyone that is under the deck when it fails.

There are several companies that manufacture these systems, such as DryDeck, UnderDeck and numerous others. You can also find different options through your local building and home remodeling companies, such as Home Depot and Lowes, just to name a couple.

These under deck ceiling systems are designed to withstand rains and freezing as well. When you buy them from a reputable company and install them yourself, or have a contractor install them, you are adding value to your home. You are also creating a great outdoor living area that you can use for entertainment, relaxing and also the chance to begin to create your own outdoor paradise area that you will enjoy for years.