Understanding "Real Life" Vampires

While most people don't believe that vampires actually exist in real life, there are still many people who believe that they do. Of course, everyone is free to believe whatever they want, but regardless of people's beliefs, some people claim that they are actual vampires. So, who exactly are these vampires and what do they believe? How do they live? Here's a little insight to the world of "real life" vampires.

Real VampiresThere are two types of Vampires; those who feed on blood and those who feed on energy. Vampires that feed on blood are called, Sanguinarians. Usually they will feed on the blood of humans or animals, however, they do not kill humans or turn them into vampires. Most of the time, the blood is donated. The other type of Vampires are called, Psychic Vampires. They feed on the energy of others. Sometimes, Psychic Vampires seek out "spiritual" people or artists, but they will use regular people, too. The Vampire community is very strict about ethical feeding. They do not condone thriving off of blood or energy that is not consented or donated. "Real life" vampires do not believe that they are immortal or that they can turn into bats. That is nonsense! Some do believe, though, that they have psychic abilities.

Discovering that you are a vampire usually includes a process called, "Awakening." They will usually notice signs that the energy of others drains them or leaves them feeling exhilarating. People in the vampire community use a different alias than they do in the real world. Most people have no idea that they are walking among these believers. Why would people who have so many non-believers want to out themselves? They wouldn't, unless of course, they know they can trust you.

Vampires don't have a typical sexuality. There are those that stay in long term relationships, those that are in polyamorous relationships, those that switch partners frequently, and those that are just not interested in sex at all. Vampires can also be gay, straight, or bi, just like regular people.

So, really, these people could be no different than those that think they are psychic or have some kind of special ability. They don't believe they are actual vampires, they just don't have any other way of describing their condition, so they choose to call themselves Vampires, instead.