Most affiliate marketers struggle to make even basic money with these programs. How do you have affiliate marketing success online? The problem is that most people expect instant results with affiliate marketing but it’s like building any business, you have to start from the ground up. This article will discuss several key points you need to have affiliate marking success online and put more money into you pocketbook.

So You Want to Be a Website Associate

I first got started in affiliate marketing in the early days of the Internet, before there was much competition online and my music website thrived. It was easy to get several hundred or more dollars per month just from my simple links. The Internet was new and people loved clicking on shiny new links and photographs and buying things online.  People also liked my site because I had something important to say. It wasn’t my links that had people excited about my website, it was the content. If you want to be an associate or affiliate you need great website content. Only with great content can you hope to convert sales and keep traffic coming back to your site. People will often buy on their second or third visit to your site. You won’t have any repeat visitors if your content is poor.

You Need a Steady Traffic Flow

You need a good steady traffic flow to your website before you have success. This means that often your site needs to age some before you see any real success with your content and affiliate links. You can use this waiting time to build a great looking website. You can use programs such as Adwords to drive traffic to your site, exchange links with other website similar to yours,  spread your link around the net by participating in forums, creating articles at article directories, and use general word of mouth by using social media. Some times just by using social media you can get your website or article to go viral and be seen by thousands of people, which in turn can help you make affiliate sales. The worst thing you can do is spam people with your website link so go easy with social media. You want to participate and spread information about your new website not annoy people. Other ways to increase your traffic flow include starting a Facebook page about your website or one on the new Google+ site. Once you see a steady traffic flow, you’ll see more sales. It usually takes 6 months to one year before this occurs and sometimes longer. Affiliate marketing takes a lot of time and it’s the main reason many people fail in the early stages.

Inform Don’t Sell

 We have all visited website that have so many banners and links to affiliates that we can barely see the text. Just as we start reading an annoying popup spins across the pages asking us to sign up for something we know nothing about. It’s no wonder affiliates end up scratching their heads and wondering why they make no sales. You can’t make sales when you annoy your readers with things they don’t want or ask for.

When you push your content at someone you have just pushed them out of your website forever. I have never stayed at a website that pushes its affiliate content onto me, not once and I never will. Now if you give someone a great article and then remind them at the end of the piece to sign up for your great newsletter, which method do you think will work the best? Now you have a genuine lead and you can send periodic mails to your mailing list that contains the e-mails of people who are interested in your content and thus you stand a greater chance of making those affiliate sales for your site. Provide your readers with good solid information and then pitch something to them don’t slam it in their face and expect results.

Make Advertising Natural

The idea behind having natural advertising on your site is to create links to your affiliates inside of your content. So for example, if you review book, you can put in a link and image to your affiliate provider like Amazon. You could add a testimonial or two from the site and you have created a great affiliate link. Not only have you informed someone about a product without annoying them, you have done it in a natural way so it’s a part of your website and not a giant sales pitch. You can have other advertisements but keep them to one area of your site, such as a sidebar for example. You can see examples of this in action on blogs where ads are kept to the site of the site. This keeps people’s eyes on the content but at the same time gives them the option of clicking on advertisements or links, it’s not right in their face.

Patience Will Bring You Affiliate Marketing Success

Remember that it's your content that will help bring you your sales. if you don't care about your content, no one else will either. Work on your traffic flow to increase your conversion rates and always try to inform your readers. Don't throw your affiliate information in your readers face with annoying banners or popups. Make affiliate marketing a natural part of your website content and you'll drive more conversions and make more money. Inform but don't sell, and you'll make sales.